Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Alive and Kicking

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Humanities is OVER! I took the final tonight and didn't do so bad on it. Could have done better, but "coulda, woulda, shoulda's" aren't going to get me anywhere. Final grade in the class? A-
I am FREE! Free, I tell you! That class kicked my butt...but it's over. My math final is Thursday morning and hopefully I have good news to report on that one, also.


Presley has really discovered how to move and shake! I have been feeling her once in a while for a couple weeks, but as of Saturday...she has her dancing shoes on! I love laying still and quiet (yes, it does happen in this house from time to time) and feeling her flopping around, like a little goldfish. She has even been kicking hard enough to feel on the outside.
She has about 22 more weeks...kid needs to reserve her energy!


Andrea said...

Sigh...the BEST feeling in the world is feeling your baby kicking from inside the womb. Treasure every movement, my friend!!

And CONGRATS on your course!! That's excellent. You rock!!

Crystal said...

Girl, I MISS YOU!!!

I am SO happy you did so well in your humanities. And I know your going to ace the math class as well. You are awesome.

And I must say, it couldn't have come at a better time. We totally need to catch up and get together. Tell me a time and a place and I will be there!

And CONGRATULATIONS on another little princess joining the ranks of the beauties you already have. I can't wait to meet the little Rockstar!

Pam said...

Yeah for classes soon being over! Great job on the A! Woo hoo!

That is awesome that you are feeling your little one move around.

Sharon said...

Cuter! I'm anxiously awaiting that feeling! I have felt Emily a couple times here and there, but nothing consistent quite yet. I didn't feel Katie until at least week 22, so hopefully I don't have to wait that long this time!

Erin said...

A-? girl u rock!!
feeling ur lil one is the most awesome feeling. sometimes i miss that. then i remember how much he "hung" out in my ribs!

common mom said...

Yeah! Congrat's on finishing the class and with an awesome grade . . . one more, one more, one more :-)

How fun to feel Presley kicking . . . that is one feeling I will forever miss feeling again :-(

sheri said...

I'm so happy for you on both accounts!!! You deserve every bit of this happiness!

Annie said...

you amaze me...i don't know how you do it! make sure you celebrate!!!