Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three Little Miracles

Mom went to the doc this week and they gave less than encouraging news. Some tumors have gotten bigger in the liver and lungs. Damn it, just when things were starting to look up and I was able to "forget" about it for 5 seconds. We don't know if they'll try new chemo, or give her more time on this one...hopefully we'll know more in a week, when she gets to see her doctor, instead of just the PA.
However, just tonight, I am reminded, again, of the miracle of life and all the beautiful things that we have to look forward to. My baby sister just found out she is pregnant! Now, all 3 of Mom's daughters are expecting! How can you be sad, when you know that in a 2 month time frame, 3 new babies will be born? I cannot wait to see Mom surrounded by all 9 of her grandchildren and especially these 3 new little lives. She is the happiest amidst all the chaos and sticky kisses.
In the photo, left to right:
Brittenay - Due January 25th
Brittney - Due March 21st
Me - Due January 8th

"A baby is God's opinion
that life should go on."
~Carl Sandburg~


tinabean1988 said...

I'm sorry to hear the news about your mom.
Cancer is such a waste, I really hate it.
I don't know if your aware that I lost my previous husband to cancer or not .
So I can honestly say I somewhat know what your going through.
It is a horrible disease & no one should have to suffer through it.
My thoughts & prayers are with you.

P.S. Congrats to your family on the 3 little miracles!!!

Steph said...

Im so sorry to hear about your mom! I will pray that God works a miracle. Praise God for the 3 little miracles! :)

Andrea said...

ACK!! How fun!! When I was pregnant with Malia, I was pregnant at the same time as both of my sisters. One was due end of May, one beginning of July and me end of September (and coincidentally, none of them were born in their appropriate months...May turned into June, July happened in June and September turned into October).

But it was SO fun being pregnant all together and you will have a blast too.

Sucks about your mom though.

Shellie said...

I'm sorry about mom, but hope she can keep the monster at bay and share more time with her grandbabies. How fun to all 3 do through this together.