Sunday, July 6, 2008

They Always Make Me Laugh

So, right after I posted the last post, my kids came home from visiting with Grandma. I got to hear a wonderful story from my two oldest about "one pig was laying down like this (she crouches on the floor) and the other one ran and jumped on top!"
So, I asked, "Like a piggy back?" "Yeah", says my oldest, "Or dancing!"
Meanwhile, I'm looking at Josh and we had a completely silent conversation that consisted of something like this:
Me: "They were doing "it", weren't they?"
Him: "Oh yeah!"
Then we both silently cracked up.
Oh, the innocence of my children.
And those naughty, naughty pigs!


Mamarazzi said...


aww piggy lovin'...suhweet!

Jen said...

That's so funny!!!

bequi said...

It's like that episode of the Simpson's where Bart thinks Santa's Little Helper is trying to jump over another dog...

Shellie said...

Those piggies! How hilarious!

Andrea said...

ha ha!! we drove by 2 dogs doing "THAT" the other day too, and Joelle said the same thing: it was like a piggy-back ride! :)

mickey said...

What will they think of next. Pigs. Hmmmmm