Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe I DO Know What I'm Doing

I know. All I've done is complain about school and the complete STRESS it is causing me. I know that I just need to keep my ultimate goal in mind and know that one day, this will all be worth it.
With that said, I am going to take a minute to brag tell the world about my accomplishments this week. Now, I say brag tell, because dang it! I have been working my butt off! My entire family and most of my face to face friends can attest to the fact that I have been in hiding since this semester started. I don't go out much, I don't watch TV (thank goodness my DVR is kindly holding everything for me), I'm always on the computer working or doing's a wonder that I'm not divorced and alone by now.
SO....on Thursday I had a math test. I will admit that I had to completely guess on the last one, because I did not know what was going on...BUT...even with that apparently educated guess...I got 100%!!! *happy dance!*
Then, to add to it, my humanities paper that I complained about here, is all done. I handed that in Friday night. My wonderful friend over at Common Mom pointed me in a few directions, for the subject of my paper. Sadly, the chili pepper idea she gave me, while a HOT idea, (yeah, I'm funny), didn't qualify due to the time passed since the find. But it pointed me in the direction that I did use...which was a find dating bananas in Africa to over 5,000 years ago.
Not my usual preferred topic for writing (mine would have been more like "Potty Training: How They Did It 5,000 Years Ago"), but it earned me an A! I could have cried, I was so happy.
So, while this week has been fantastic for me, grade-wise anyway...I still reserve the right to chant: "3 more weeks...3 more weeks...3 more weeks..."


Erin said...

u go do u do it? school, kids, pregnant? i am overwhelmed for u. keep up the good work!

Pam said...

Good for you and all your hard work! I'm so super proud of you! And, as you said- 3 more weeks!

common mom said...

Dude you rock! What excellent accomplishments . . . and you deserve to brag. I'm on the other side of what you're doing . . . hubby has his regular pilot job, is getting his Ph.d (almost done almost done) and is starting a new business . . . needless to say he's a busy guy. And yes, he goes into hiding every now and then. Just know that your family knows that what you're doing is important to you and will be great for them in the long run as well.

Keep on truckin' - you're almost there!

Oh, and give yourself a big pat on the back - you SOOOO deserve it!