Monday, July 21, 2008

Lost And Found

"I can't find the babies."

Words that no mother wants to hear.
Josh was outside mowing the lawn on Saturday and all the kids were out with him. He came upstairs to ask me something (I was doing homework...strange, I know) and when he went back outside, no Avery or Luke.
I ran up the street one way...Josh ran up the other.
I ran the other way...Josh passed me.
I'm beginning to panic and can feel my blood pressure steadily rising.
We begin knocking on doors.
"Have you seen my son or daughter?"

It's been about 6-8 minutes by now and I'm imagining the worse. All that kept running through my head is, "What are they wearing? I'll have to tell the cops what they're wearing."
Josh ducks back inside the house to sweep it again and I hear him yell, "THEY'RE HERE! THEY'RE FINE! I HAVE THEM!"

Apparently when Josh came in, they snuck in without him knowing it. They snuck upstairs, into our room and bathroom, closing both doors behind them. (We usually keep our bedroom door locked, so when we saw the closed door, neither of us thought to look in there.)
There were my two, dirty little kids, sitting in the bathtub, waiting for a bath.

Two hours later, I finally felt my heart slow down.


Erin said...

o u poor thing! i bet they were the longest few minutes of ur life. hope that is the first and last time that ever happens to u!

Jen said...

OH my goodness Leeann! That's the worst feeling in the world. I lost Kya today at Wal-mart while I was checking out and FREAKED OUT!! Good thing we both found our kids!! It about killed me!

Anyways, I'm sorry I haven't been around commenting, but promise to do better as I know I LOVE comments, so thank you SO MUCH for stopping by!

I missed not being there Saturday as well!! Who's up for a GNO!?!? I know I am! That darn Crystal is leaving though. (MUCH DESERVED as we both know) We'll have to get together when she gets back :)

Natalie said...

Oh how scary!!!!!! I'm glad they were ok.

To answer your question on my blog: town is only 1000 people...on a good day, when no one is out of town. LOL! Our county is only about 2400. I'm going bananas here. My high school had more students than this county. LOL!

Pam said...

OMG! I would have been a hysterical, sobbing mess! I am just so glad that you found the kids and there was no harm done (other then your heart jumping out of your chest and beating fast enough for two people- but, you know, other than that)

Steph said...

I'd have melted into a puddle of tears!!! Im glad they're ok!

leish77 said...

Wow - I was starting to get worried just reading your post. I'm so glad it turned out for the good. My worse fear is loosing my children or someone taking them.

katie said...

SCARY! I lost my 3 year old up at Silver lake. It made me sick. She thought she'd just go hang out in the car. Once I calmed down, I could have strangled her. I feel for you.

Andrea said...

GASP!! Holy cow, Leeann...I totally would've been freaking out!!!

So glad they were safe and sound (and dirty).

mom said...

WOW, now you know how I felt when I lost you at the Billerica Mall, you were only about 2 yrs old and I found you in the store next door looking at the big ladies clothes. Wasn't funny then but it's funny now. You were such a tiny little thing. Why that store, I'll never know. We were in the book store looking for books to read to you before bed. Go figure.

common mom said...

Oh SUCK! My heart was racing for you . . . no feeling any parent ever wants to have.

So glad they're safe! And clean ;-)