Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome Home!

A note from Bailey when she got back from her trip (written exactly as she wrote it):
"I Love You, Mom So Much
Becase You are So nise and I
can't wait For You To have a baby
I don't Care if you have a boy are, a gril
thanks for Cleaning are room"


tinabean1988 said...

It looks like they all had a ton of fun!
Kids can be the sweetest things ever when they want to be.
I know I wouldn't trade mine for anything in this world. If it wasn't for them sometimes it would be hard to go on some days.
I'm glad they all made it home safe & sound.

kellyo75 said...

Oh, how CUTE! It's good that she doesn't care about the gender of the baby. I mean, boys are fun...but so are GRILS!

Pam said...

what a loving and sweet GRIL she is growing into!

Steph said...

You have the CUTEST kids!! :) Glad they're home!