Friday, June 13, 2008

Sharing The Love

I have been given this award by several people and I want to thank you all. I have been saving this post for a very special day.
This award was created by Crys at Memoirs of a Mommy. Crys created this to honor the beautiful family that selflessly gave her son life. Their heartache, became her miracle. Their sadness, became her hope. Their pain, became her tears of joy.
Crys is not just another blogging Mommy, to me. She has become one of my very best friends. We met through blogging, but must have been destined to meet. We clicked instantly and she has become like a sister to me. She is one of those rare people that are so beautiful on the inside and out; I know I am privileged to have met her and her family.
We first met (online), when she was still in Denver. Her son Noah was in Denver Children's Hospital, finishing up the final weeks of recovery after a heart transplant. Her story touched me to my very core and I worked up the courage to ask her for her address there. When my daughter was very ill and hospitalized, a kind soul brought me a "care package", with a few random things. It meant so very much to me and I just knew that this was my chance to pay it forward. I was so worried that she would think I wanted to stalk her! But, thus began our friendship. My children helped me make blankets for Noah and his sister Lilly, while I explained the need to send this package to the "sick little boy in Denver."
I was thrilled to learn that she actually only lives about 45 minutes from me (See? We were supposed to meet!) and since then, we have met in person and our friendship continues to grow. She is so much fun to be around and I always know that I can count on her to drop everything, if I am ever in need of her support.
With all that said, today I ask for your prayers for Crys, her husband Shane, Lilly and especially Noah. Tomorrow morning, they are leaving for Denver for his cath procedure. Forgive my lack of knowledge in this area, but from what I understand, it is some pretty rigorous testing to check on his heart. I have felt Crys's anxiety and fear, as this day has approached. I know that she is aware of what could happen during this testing, as her friend's daughter's heart was damaged during this procedure.
Crys, your faith and love for Noah will protect him. I know that he will do beautifully and you will all return home safe and sound. I hope you know how much I love you, my friend.


Pam said...

I only know her through blogging, but she is one special person. I agree with that. I am thinking and praying for her and her family!

Regina said...

I love your post and am glad that you have personal interaction with Noah's family1 That is awesome and I'm sure she values your friendship.

happy Father's Day to your hubby!
Peace & Love!