Friday, June 27, 2008

A Miracle

I witnessed a miracle today. It's not every day, that you can say that. I know that we have all experienced miracles...we've seen babies be born...we've had more money in the bank than we thought we had, just when we needed it...we've narrowly missed being in a car accident.

However, there is no miracle, like watching someone save a life. There are no words to describe it. But, when it is your own child's life, that someone is saving, it makes it that much more amazing. You can't describe the debt that you know that you now owe this person. There is no way to repay that debt or to say "thank-you" enough.

I witnessed this today, as my mother-in-law saved my 3 years old's life. She did it with such grace and ease, you'd think she had done nothing at all.

Yes, she saved her life today.

Because I was going to kill her.

Avery was in rare form today.Tantrum after tantrum after tantrum. Spitting. Yelling. Flopping on the ground. Hitting. All in front of the other parents at swimming lessons. Each tantrum lasted so long, that you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. They had started the minute that her eyes fluttered open and I had come to the end of my rope. I seriously considered throwing her in to the pool.

Then an angel said the most beautiful words..."I can take her for a few hours today."

The Heavens opened up and the light shone down on this savior.

And so...

Avery lived.


Stacy said...

Your post got my heart going! Whew! I understand those days. I only have one child, so its probably not a fair comparision, but I never imagined having those days where you just cant take your own child for a second longer! Sometimes I wake up in a bad mood, too, but what the heck is up with these kids?

tinabean1988 said...

You had me very concerned for a min.
Then you had me laughing!
Those days are the worst & mother in-laws can be angels.

Mamarazzi said...

well that WAS a trip...i was actually worried for a minute there.

my mom tells lots of stories of how our lives were saved by my must happen to most moms.

Pam said...

I'm so glad you were able to have a savior there just when you needed one. Sorry for a day like that with Avery- but glad you got some relief from it all.

Coby said...

What's funny is the last time you attempted to take Avery over to lessons and she was screaming I looked at Pat and said " Avery better hope she doesn't just through her ass in the pool." What do they say... great minds think alike. Just like the rest of your comments you had me scared to death, until you mentioned the child and all became very clear. How did picutres turn out? I Hope today's better!

Pat said...

Your so funny, I love being with my grandkids. Thanks for the compliment,its wonderful to have a child so grateful. Love ya Mom

Steph said...

You had me laughing through this, because OH have I been there!! My mom is freqently the saver of Liv's life. I hope she came home in a better mood.

common mom said...

Oh my dear . . . I feel your "pain" today. My little Princess is on her A Game today, that's for sure! Unfortunately for her, there is no family around to save her . . . and we're on day 7 of Hubby's rotation . . . so I'm at the end of my rope. We are not going to the pool today . . . she can swim, but not well enough.

A big hearty thanks to Avery's Angel :-)

Tomorrow's a New Day :-)

Crystal said...

Man... Avery sure is lucky Grandma saved her from an untimely demise.

Tausha said...

So so glad that I am not the only mom who has the moments and the days are hellish! Are we not so grateful for our moms!!
Hope that you had a diet coke handy and whole bag of mm&s.

Anonymous said...

What a funny post...I remember those days...believe me! I have put myself in "time-out" many times to save my kids from an early grave! I have also been the recipient of an out of control kid for a few hours while it's mother refueled on patience, etc....somehow, if it is someone else's kid, I can ignore and have all the patience in the world! In those moments, I'm perfect!