Friday, June 20, 2008


Sing it with me....
"My family is coming home today!
My family is coming home today!"
I am so excited. I cannot wait to sit on the floor and just hug and hug and hug them all. I have missed them all so much.
Josh said the most wonderful thing yesterday..."Now, I know what you go through when I work straight days, with lots of overtime." (When he works, he leaves at 6:00 am and gets home about 7:45 pm. So the babies don't see him...they are in bed by the time he gets home.)
He's tired and realizes what it's like to be the primary parent. He's never had them alone this long and quite frankly...I'm thankful that he's had this educational time.
With that said....I probably owe him some golf tomorrow morning!


Pam said...

It is like a little victory for all of us when a daddy realizes what all we go through. Though I know he appreciated you before- now he really knows.

but the best part-they are coming home. YEAH!! I know you will just love having them home again -at least until the arguing starts ;)

Mamarazzi said...

it's good for him...but yea golf would be a nice treat!

Jen said...

It's always good for our fantastic hubby's to see what it's like day in and day out. I think golf is a great idea though! I'm happy your family is coming home!

Erin said...

u got a double treat! a lil alone time and hubby got a peek at what u go thru.
now keep this post handy next friday when u r frazzled out of ur mind!

tinabean1988 said...

It really makes you feel a little more appreciated when they realize what you go through all day everyday.
And who doesn't like to be appreciated?

I'm so glad they're coming home your little ones will appreciate you a little more also, at least for a min or two anyway.

Jennifer said...

I hope Josh remembers this for quite some didn't seem to sink in as well or as long when I was gone for a week in October. Maybe because everyone in the world helped out unlike when I'm home!!

Are you ready for the peace & quiet again yet? LOL!!