Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Too Mad For A Clever Title

So, today was the day that I had to bring Bay in to "meet" the lady at DCFS. It ended up being the freaking taped interview, with a side of "Mom, will you wait in the waiting room, please?"
I got out into the waiting room and was PISSED. I felt set up. My heart started racing and I couldn't breathe. I haven't had a panic attack in years and all I kept thinking, was "Please. Please don't let me pass out. Not here. Not now."
After about 10 minutes, she called me back. She said that she was very beautiful and smart. I told her that I know. She said that they asked her quite a few questions, such as:
"Tell me about your room."
"What makes you happy?"
"What makes you sad?"
"What do you like best about your Mom?"
"What do you like best about your Dad?"
"What happens when you're good?"
"What happens when you're bad?"
"Has anyone ever touched you and made you feel uncomfortable?"
She said that she said no to that last one. I was like, no freaking kidding....I told you that.
She asked her what she would do, if that happened. Bay told her that she would get really mad and tell her Mom and Dad. Hmm...sounds like I've done my job and had this conversation with my daughter, doesn't it?
She said that Bay told her that if she's good, she gets to go on Daddy-Daughter dates. She said that was cute, but made me feel as though she was trying to read into that as something horrible. Whatever. My kids love their time alone with Dad, or Mom, and I won't be made to feel like I am doing something wrong.
She said the only issue, was that Bay mentioned that if they say a naughty word, that I put hot sauce on their tongues. She said that I could get in trouble for that. I told her it was better than slapping her in the mouth. "Uh, well, yeah, but you still shouldn't do that."
Whatever. You obviously do not have children. And you obviously do not know my children, who actually LIKE hot sauce and eat it on their food now. It's edible...please don't act like I am pouring battery acid down their throats.
She mentioned that I seemed "mad" when I left the room. I told her that I am just incredibly frustrated by this situation, because I know where it is coming from. I told her that as soon as I can prove it, I'm going to do something about it. I won't have my children tormented.
So, according to her, this case will be closed. Well, darling, to quote YOU..."This case never should have been opened in the first place!"


suebug said...

#1 I PUT HOT SAUCE ON ASPEN'S TONGUE...why? Because growing-up that is what my parents did...it worked...I didn't cuss or use "bad" words...and guess what??? I am ow 26 HEALTHY and NORMAL...deal with it crap headed lady!!!! PA-LEASE!!!
#2 I also did daddy-daughter dates...why? Cause my dad worked CONSTANTLY and it was one night where he could spend some one-on-one time with his #4 daughter and go to dinner or a movie...GET OVER IT PEOPLE dad's need time with their kids too..quit reading nasty shit into it!
#3 ROO you ROCK girl. You have learned what your mom and dad have told you, remembered it, and now can share it with others. Good girl!!! You are awesome!!!
#3 Family services...YOU....SUCK...and NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Kids go on daily- who are truly, and honestly molested, abused, neglected etc...and YOU IGNORE the calls, the notifications, the EVIDENCE and facts, why? Because the kid has to die or nearly die before you make a move against the animals who do this to children. Then you get a random prank call- and because the bastard knows exactly what to say to move your lazy butt, you attack an innocent family--- why?? Because the father was a previous victim..DOES NOT MAKE SENSE...do your jobs, and do them right...or leave us all the hell alone!

Jennifer said...

Oh pul-lease!! We all know it should've never been opened WHY can't they just let it go?

Stop by my place, there's a nice surprise for you there to help brighten your day!!

Jen said...

WOW Leeann. . . I would be fuming!! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this especially on your other daughters birthday! PATHETIC!! I had so much I wanted to say and then read suebug's comment and she said it all perfectly! I completely agree!! I'd of had a hard time not smacking that lady around! I hope this is done with! and if you need someone to smack around the bastard that called in the first place, I'd be happy to help :)

katie said...

I completely agree with the first comment. I had hot sauce and pepper put of my tongue many times. And daddy daughter dates....my girls LOVE them. I cannot believe you have to go through this.

common mom said...

Dude, I would be SOOOO fuming! And really, you could get in trouble for putting HOT SAUCE on her tongue? REALLY?! OMG! That's totally what's wrong with kids today - they have no concept of discipline because the parents aren't "allowed" to discipline them. Give me a break! It's not like you're making her sit there with soap in her mouth or pouring bleach down her throat. Sheesh. Hot sauce is food. And a daddy/daughter date is a GOOD thing! Now they don't even want the parents to spend quality time with their kids? I'm fuming for you!

You obviously know this already - but you're doing a great job with your kids. Kudos to your little one for handling the situation so well.

Pam said...

half the problem in society today is that you can't do ANYTHING to your child without possibly getting into trouble. Daddy dates should be a great thing- not us worrying that we will get into trouble because something bad is occurring. Hot sauce on their tongue- I seriously doubt you dump the darn bottle in their mouth - better then soap in my mind since it is supposed to be eaten. What does she suggest you do if they say a bad word?? ARG! I'm not saying people should be allowed to abuse or harm their children in any way- but let's get serious here! How is it that people can not bath their kids or feed their kids- people can not support their children's education and not be involved in that child's life at all - they don't get in trouble for that. But you are in trouble for hot sauce?? AHH!

I hope this is the end of it for you.

Andrea said...

Girl, my heart just breaks for you that you have been having to go through this. It is the most unfair thing I have heard in a long time

Keep going with the Daddy-Daughter date tradition in your household. A daughter needs good one-on-one time with their Daddies.

I have always been a Daddy's girl and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

The world is in a sad, sad state and I'm so sorry that you have been the brunt of that.

Mamarazzi said...

this whole situation s simply aweful. i am so glad that it seems to be coming to a close...


Crystal said...

My precious friend. I am going to take care of this for you. I have gotted Shane's aresenol and his gilly suit We are planning the attack soon but I won't be giving you the details because I don't want you involved. Lets just say its taken care of *wink wink*

Honestly though, I love you. I am hear for you whatever you need.

bequi said...

Hey, let's all look on the bright side. No anatomically correct dolls!!!

I'm TOTALLY using the hot sauce with my kids. My parents made me brush my teeth with soap. That makes your gums bleed, and then the soap in an open wound... I think your option is better.

kellyo75 said...

Ridiculous. I can't believe this crap. I hope it ends so soon and you can all put this behind you. What a nightmare-I am so sorry you've had to deal with it!