Friday, June 13, 2008

I Knew It Was Going To Happen Eventually

Roo: "Mom, when was I born? Like, you know, 2008?"
Me: "In 2003."
Roo: "When was Bailey born?"
Me: "2001"
Roo: "What about Luke?"
Me: "2006"
Roo: "What about Avery? When was she born?"
Me: "2005"
Roo: "When were you born?"
Me: *thinking, here we go!* "1981"
Roo: *scampers away, confused* "Bay! Mom was born in 1981!"
Bay: "Woooah!"

Well damn. I'm officially old.


Beth said...

Wow! If you were born in 1981 and are "old," then my being born in 1968 must be "ancient"!

Pam said...

Uhm, you haven't hit 30 yet- you are SO not old. Besides, if you are old, I was born in 1978- that means I am old too. I prefer not to think about being old and just live ignorantly in my bliss that I am still 21. Yes, 21, that is how old I am....a very experienced 21 year old.

common mom said...

1981? You're still a baby! Apparently 1972 makes me older than dirt...