Monday, June 30, 2008

How Many Hours In A Day?

Math class started this morning. I have been stressing and stressing over this class, because when it comes to be kinda dumb. It went really well and he is starting at a point that I am incredibly comfortable with, so my confidence was growing and growing....then he drops the bomb: (Keep in mind that I'm in class Mon-Thur 8:00 AM - 10:15 AM...meaning not much time to process this stuff between classes.)
"This is an incredibly fast paced class. You will want to do homework every night. If you are a person that "gets math" (read: not me) and it comes to you pretty easily (again: not me), you can plan on about 2 hours of homework a night."
Shut up! 2 hours...for the people that GET IT? Oh boy, me in trouble.
So, I've sat and tried to figure out how I'm gonna swing this in my daily schedule. Here's the hours required for things I'm responsible for every day:

Child Care: 4 hours/per child/times 4 children: 16 hours
(obviously this is feeding, bathing, playing with, disciplining, ect.)
Cleaning/Laundry: 3 hours
Humanities Class Homework: 2 hours
(yeah, I really killed myself with these time consuming classes this semester)
Math Class: 2 hours 15 minutes
Math Class Homework: 3 hours
Paying Bills/Checking E-mails/Blogging: 45 minutes
Bathroom/Shower Time: 30 minutes
(so if I run out of this time early in the I have to hold my pee till the next day? Hmm...this will have to be figured out with Human Resources)
Working For Castle (my computer at home job): 4 hours
Time With Husband: 6 minutes

Anyone got a spare 31 hour 51 minute day laying around?
With enough caffeine to keep me awake, since sleep cannot fit in anywhere?

*chanting to myself* "Six more weeks and summer semester is over. Six more weeks and summer semester is over. Six more weeks and...."


Andrea said...

ACK!!! I wish I could give you a few hours of my own. Not that I'm not busy myself...but not HALF as busy as you are!!

Hang in there, girl. Keep that chant alive!!

Shellie said...

I feel so much better about my life now. Just 6 more weeks girl! Hang in there and wing it with the classes, I say!

Mamarazzi said...

OH Hell to the NO!!

you are seriously my hero...

i could never EVER do that schedule....perhaps this is why it took me almost 10 yrs to get my masters...

Jennifer said...

I don't know how you do it but I'm amazed at all that you do get done!!

Annie said...

i guess i shouldn't say that i love math. i do, sick i know. i have complete confidence in you!!!

bequi said...

Just neglect your kids for a couple weeks. No one needs to know.