Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Ryleigh Roo,
How are you turning 5? How can 5 years of your life have already flown by? You have grown up so much...sometimes in the shadow of your sister, yet never a follower.
You are so much like me, that it's scary. Your temperament, yet kindness. Your attitude, yet laughter. You have Mommy's big brown eyes...and you know how to use them to get what you want!
I can't believe that you are starting school in the fall. I have loved watching you in pre-school and seeing you grow and achieve so much. You are so very smart and I am so proud of you and everything you do.
I love you Rooy. Thank you for being a most wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday!
Love, Mommy


Jen said...

You do the sweetest posts for your kids! Happy Birthday Ryleigh!! :)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

What a beautiful post! Those are amazing pictures!

suebug said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Roo!! You are such a beautiful girl!! You are so lucky to have the amazing mom and dad you have...and always remember...they are VERY lucky to have such a beautiful, smart, funny, talented, and loving daughter!! Hope your day rocks!

Mamarazzi said...

i love your birthday posts!

you are such an awesome mommy Leeann, no wonder Heavenly Father has blessed yu with so many fabulous children!!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday sweet little girl!