Sunday, June 8, 2008

Girl's Night Out - Coby's House

Last night was the girl's night out that has been planned for months. It's hard to get all these "mostly Mommies" together, but it is so much fun when we do! Coby had a fantastic playlist of music put together and as the hour got later, the singing got louder. :) (The fact that more than half of us were completely blitzed, probably had something to do with that!)

These women are truly fantastic and we had a great time. No subject is taboo...and it ALL comes out. Men would be shocked and appalled at the subjects that we describe in great length.
Here's hoping it won't be another 7 months before our next one! ( on that?) LOL


Andrea said...

Girl's night out never happens often enough. Isn't that just the best way to spend an evening?

Pam said...

Girls night out is so fun but sadly is so hard to do. Glad you had fun!

Mamarazzi said...


i need a GNO...where are all the bloggers who live around me?!

Coby said...

I agree we definitely need to pull it together a little sooner, but I had to wait for the good weather to give my husband someplace to go. That's the hard part finding somewhere to send the damn men for the whole night because there is no way we could have them coming home in the middle of that. Way to scary for them, they may not recover!

common mom said...

GNO's are AWESOME! Yes . . . difficult to get the mommies together.

And is that a Magic Bullet I see on her counter? See, it's not just me . . . that thing is the best!

OK - I may officially have a "problem" with the Magic Bullet ;-)

bequi said...

The Magic Bullet wa brought by a third party. It's portable!
That was fantastic. I bet you'll never look at pens the same ;-)