Monday, June 9, 2008

Do You See What I See?

I see the "hydro-seed man" wondering why in the world I am taking his picture!
We finally got our yard hydro-seeded! I am so excited to soon have a lawn and not just a mud pit! Josh put in hundreds of hours getting the yard prepared with the sprinkler system, tilling, smoothing, weed killing, smoothing again (because the kids dug holes), planting trees, building the retaining walls for flower beds, smoothing again (because the kids dug holes) and planting flowers. I can't wait to show my first blades of grass!

Problem is, we can't walk on it for 6 weeks. Anyone wanna take my kids, because now it's summer time and they can't play outside. Agh!


Crystal said...

But where will they dig their holes??

Pam said...

really- 6 weeks? Good luck with that! Ashlyn has been asking to have a friend over- maybe she will want 4 friends over!

common mom said...

How exciting!!! I love my house and where I live . . but I'd REALLY love to have grass. We live in a heavily treed pine forest . . . too acidic for actual grass. I miss grass . . . I LOVE mowing the lawn . . . really . . . yes, I'm a freak.

Jen said...

Oh, how exciting!! I never got a yard in our house and I wanted one desperately, so I can imagine your excitement!

Mamarazzi said...


i need to do this in a few bald areas in my back yard!

the 6 weeks will fly by and it will totally be worth it!

bequi said...

I was scrolling down to the last place I read and I glanced at the picture and was like, "Who on earth is getting cement put in the fron yard?"