Monday, June 16, 2008

Day One With No Kids

What I learned today, on this, my first day with no kids:
-The clock ticks. No, I mean I can hear it ticking. I never knew it did that.
-I don't really dirty dishes. The kids must be the cause of the dishwasher going non-stop in this house.
-The central air works a whole lot better without people constantly coming in and out.
-I forget to eat when I don't have other people to feed.
-The electric bill is going to go down. The TV is never on and I don't leave lights on all over the house.
And the BEST thing I learned:
-When I put something STAYS THERE! It doesn't move. It doesn't walk away. It doesn't end up in the toilet. I LOVE IT!


bequi said...

Yeah for some grown-up time!!!

Pam said...

Glad that first day went well! I am sure you are missing them like crazy, but year for some adult sanity!

sheri said...

Your last finding is probably one of my greatest wishes most days. To just have that happen for ONE FREAKING DAY, PEOPLE! I'm so sick of rummaging through the trash for my keys or any other precious item 2yo dd threw away. Or better yet, our apt has a huge deck. Kelly's favorite pasttime is to throw things over said deck. And because of the weird configuration of the buildings, it ends up on the roof of the other building. Anyone flying overhead will know a child lives here by all the random toys scattered across the roof. Wow. I just made this all about me, didn't I?
Enjoy the quiet!

Amy said...

Not that I don't love my family but I'm a little jealous!! I'm glad you are enjoying your time.