Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3 - On The Agenda

So, I started the morning off with being startled out of my mind by the alarm clock. I must have been in one deeeeep sleep, because when it went off, I jumped two feet off the mattress.
Now, morning body check:
Thighs: tight and sore
Lower back: sore
Headache: gone
I started noticing yesterday that my pants are just a teeny bit tighter. Just enough that I notice it. I haven't gained more than 2 lbs, so that isn't it. Maybe I'm just retaining water from the 1/2 a watermelon I ate for dinner? LOL

So, I started the day off with an aerobics class. Now, I'm supposed to be working. Then the rest of the day consists of organizing the play room and possibly painting the bathroom. I also have grand ideas of getting started on my reading for my Humanities class that starts on Monday...but we'll see how that goes.


Pam said...

I always have these wonderful ideas of getting a lot done....usually I don't get much done though. I hope you are more focused them I am!

Erin said...

i am impressed at ur energy level. i? at this point in pregnancy, would be sleeping. in fact...i wouldlike to be doing that now!

Mamarazzi said...

mmmm watermelon for dinner...sounds like perfection!!

bequi said...

Why on earth did you set an alarm clock?!

I hated the point where I can tell my stomach is bigger, but it didn't look pregnant yet, just fat, and people would be like, "Oh! Look at your belly! You look pregnant!" And I was like, "You're only saying that because you know I'm pregnant! Everyone who doesn't know is saying, Gosh, BeQui's really gaining weight... I do NOT look pregnant!" I yelled at Anthony over it once.