Monday, June 9, 2008

Because I Truly Understand

Hello, my beautiful miracle,
Who’s growing deep inside,
You are my little sunshine,
And your Daddy’s pride.
You snuck into our lives,
When we were riding out our grief,
A surprise that shocked us deeply,
We were in such disbelief!
It’s said, “The best things in life,
Are so worth waiting for.”
Well, we have waited, Little One,
And we couldn’t want you more!
We know that you are Heaven sent,
To remind us He is there,
We are not forgotten children,
You are the answer to our prayers.
How I wish, my miracle,
That you and I could speak,
Then maybe you could give to me,
The answers that I seek.
About why I didn’t get that day,
To see our baby’s birth?
Why I didn’t get the chance,
To be Mommy here on earth?
You are so close to Heaven’s gate,
You must know I’m not complete,
Why am I the Mommy of an Angel,
That I never got to meet?
But, I take my comfort in knowing,
That one day we’ll be together.
Because I truly understand,
That Families Are Forever
~Leeann Garrard 06/09/2008~


Pam said...

Oh Leeann- that is beautiful. Simply beautiful! you are talented!

Crystal said...

Leeann this is beautiful! I love it when you post your poems. Its like looking into a window into your heart.

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Jen said...

You say things absolutely perfectly! I love this poem! You are very talented!

Erin said...

the poem is absolutely beautiful. u truly have a gift. and all the pics...priceless. u have such cute kiddos!

Mamarazzi said...


truly beautiful...