Monday, May 26, 2008

Update-On Mom

We have been through the emotional roller coaster with Mom this week. She had some scans done, to check on the "progress" of things and it gave us positive and negative news. The cancer in her liver and bones remains exactly the same. No new growth in those areas were detected. However, a few new spots (small, but new) were detected in her lungs.
For that reason, they know that the cancer has grown resistant to the current chemo program she is on. So, they have changed her to another therapy, that comes in pill form. She has to take some after breakfast and some after dinner, for 14 straight days. Then, she gets a week off, where they will check her blood counts. They advised her that while they try to adjust the medication to her body and get the right dose, she could be pretty sick. Mom is a trooper and won't tell anyone a damn thing, so as far as I know, she has been tolerating it pretty well.
We had another scare, a few days later, when her chin started going numb. After a quick call to the oncologist, they decided that the only thing that could be causing it, is the cancer on her brain lining is progressing and pressing on facial nerves. They quickly got her in for a MRI the next day and told her some of her options. There is a brain chemo available (because for some reason, the brain does not respond to chemo like the rest of your body). It would involve a port placed in her head and HORRID side effects, like migraines.
Thankfully, the MRI came back with absolutely NO CHANGES to the cancer. We were all shocked and amazed...including her doctors. The numbness has started going away, with no diagnosis as to the cause. The doctors did order a lumbar puncture, just to cover all their bases, but we haven't gotten the results on that yet.
So, all in all, not bad news. I can take the little bit of bad news, sprinkled in with all that good news.


Pam said...

Oh Leeann! I can only imagine the pain you all go through each and every day. I am so sorry. I hope that you get some good news soon.

Jen said...

OH Leeann, your mom is in my prayers daily :)

Mamarazzi said...

your family is in my prayers.

Candygirlflies said...

Thinking of you, your wonderful, resilient mother, and your whole family...

xoxo CGF

common mom said...

Thoughts, prayers, and hugs to you and your family!

I'll never forget the night my mom called to tell me and the kids and Hubby that she loved us . . . she thought she would never see us again. Here whole face had gone numb as had her arms and chest.

Thankfully, she's still here - 3 years later.

I think about you and your Mom every day!