Friday, May 30, 2008

First Day of Summer

It's the first day of summer.
School ended yesterday.
It's only 9:30 in the morning
and I want the kids to go back.
I didn't get to sleep in,
because they still woke up early.
They dumped cereal on the floor.
They are constantly fighting.
"She hit me!"
"She said I was stupid!"
On and on and on....
it goes.
Someone has already been grounded
because I can't stand the arguments.
I bet the prescriptions for Zoloft
go up in the summer months.


Coby said...

I feel your pain 100%. We were lucky to be up at 7:30 so we didn't have to rush to get to school on time. Schools out...wake up now is 6:45! Give me a break!

Pam said...

That is funny- I have the opposite reaction! I am so glad that school is almost over and summer is coming! I can't wait to see my own kids again. Though I can tell you - if the school year were any longer and I had to deal with all the fighting and arguing and what not here any longer - I would need some good meds!

common mom said...

I'm lucky - hubby his home until next Friday . . . so he gets to spend the day with Dude these past few days while he had no school . . . he starts summer camp with his sister on Monday. I can't wait!!!

Mamarazzi said...

YAY for summer...ummm, but i do wish you luck in getting through it med free! hang in there!

Andrea said...

ahhh...the fighting and arguing and whining. i just can never get enough. ahem...yeah, right!!

i hope it's not like this ALL SUMMER for you -- although i think i know the answer to that.

ps: why is school out already? doesn't it go till the end of June? or is that just a Canadian thing??

bequi said...

I have no kids so I can't relate exactly. But I can imagine. And to think you're going to add another little one to the craziness!!

sheri said...

On one hand, the "freedom" from schedules will be nice. On the other hand, the boy will be home causing trouble, lol. I loved the poem!

Shellie said...

Cute poem and I promise, the prescriptions do go up!

Tausha said...

I hear ya! My kids have beenout for a week now-no! It doesn't get any better. So sorrry about all the crap that you and your family have had to deal with. I pray for you! As for the baby news-congratulations! I too hope that they all day-please just shoot me, i can't believe i still have to mom to other children while I have this sickeness goes away. (ever taken a little pill called Zofran-helped me a ton!!!) HOpe that the weekend energizes you so you are ready for the next 7 days. Just know that you are not alone. If i find something that works with the crziness-i will let you knoW!