Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008 - Susan G. Komen 5K

Everyone knows what we have been through this last year with Mom's cancer returning. Again, I want to thank everyone that in any way participated in the hair shaving party for her.
If you weren't able to participate by shaving your head (you chickens! LOL), here is another way: the Susan G. Komen 5K on Saturday, May 10th, at the Gateway in Salt Lake City.
Come Running! Come Walking! Come Crawling! We don't care how you get there...just get there! You don't want to miss out on all the fun! We had a great team last year, and so far, it looks like our numbers will double for this year.

If you want to register under our team "Running For Mom", CLICK HERE.

If you can't come out and join in the fun, but would like to donate to our team, CLICK HERE.

If anything, this last year has taught us how to be extremely grateful for every moment. You never know how many moments are left, for any of us, so it's best not to take anyone or any time for granted.
On behalf of Mom and the rest of the family...THANK YOU!!!
**Race For The Cure 2007**


TheVasquez3 said...

my team has walked every May for the last few years...such a great time, so many lives changing...all of it so fabulous!

oh and i am loving that pic of your folks...feeling the L O V E!

Sniz said...

Our family always walks in Race for the Cure here in Indy in April. My mom and my aunt are breast cancer survivors.
I'm glad your mil is doing ok.
TTYS - Sniz

Pam said...

I wish I lived close enough to come walk with you!

Crystal said...

I am registered.... but you knew this.

But I will have you know. This will be my first EVER 5K or any race/walk of any kind.