Thursday, April 10, 2008

Only Three Words

I stole this from Lizzie cause it looked like fun!

What I am doing: staying up late

What I’m proud of today: I worked out

What I’m thinking about: missing my hubby

Who is home: kids, me, pets

Plans tonight: sleep some time

My weekend was: way too short

What’s for dinner: Josh made burgers

Feelings about love: warm, comforting, secure

Feelings about life: truly, truly happy

What I need: better self esteem

What I want: skinnier thighs/butt

What I have: everything I need

My pet peeve: dogs in supermarkets

My guilty pleasure: cheese on anything

What you don’t know about me: turn feet backward

What I can hear: something on TV

What I can smell: onions from dinner

My style: isn't a style

My hairdo: short and curly

My outfit: soft and comfy

My mood: tired but fighting

The weather today: too damn cold

Thoughts on parenting: I always try

Thoughts on marriage: always and eternity

Thoughts on politics: who to choose?

Thoughts on celebrity gossip: not worth it

Thoughts on beauty: everywhere I see

Thoughts on sleep: hate to alone

Thoughts on writing: want to publish

My favorite appliance: over stove microwave

My favorite car: is paid off

My favorite splurge: my cute toes

My favorite beauty secret: take a shower :)

My favorite treat: Cafe Rio salad

My favorite everyday pleasure: hugging my hubby

Ten years ago: got a license

Five years ago: pregnant with #2

One year ago: unhappy with location

One year from now: loving my life

Five years from now: graduating nursing school

Ten years from now: crying over teenagers

I’m famous for: poems I write

I’ll never be famous for: anything, most likely

Who I am: I am ME

Who I hope to be: secure and successful

What I’m thankful for: every little thing


Crystal said...

Wonderful!! I am going to steal it. But you knew this.

katie said...

Yes, our lives are very similar. We'll need to support each other in ten years.

Pam said...

You always have great answers!

Regina said...

Love your answers Leeann!
I especially like your in "ten years, crying over teens" answer, I bet that answer is echoed by many parents...

mickey said...

You, Katie and I will have to take a retreat in 10 years.