Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

Bailey: (while sitting at the ENT office) "Mom, did you know that spit has another name?"
Me: "Oh yeah? What's that?"
Bailey: "Salima."
Me: (giggling on the inside) "Sa-lime-a? Don't you mean saliva?"
Bailey: "Yeah. That one."

P.S. My darling daughter earned herself a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, to be done in the first week of May. Yes, this is the same child that just had the ankle injury. Not to be confused with the child that had her adenoids out 3 weeks ago. Yeah, our insurance company loves us.


TheVasquez3 said...

she is so adorable. salima...cute cute cute!

i love when kids say stuff like that!

what a little blessing she is for you...especially right now.

katie said...

I love salima. And congrats on the upcoming adventure. We went through it last december and she's been heaven ever since. Seriously, it's changed her. They say it takes ten days for them to recoup. Believe it. It really does. It was long and miserable but soooo worth it.

Cassie said...

That is adorable...I love the things our kiddos come up with....Too funny!!!!!

Kelly said...

All those issues do stink. Your kids are troopers to go through it. As for the insurance companies loving you... they deserve what they get for what they charge. lol

Pam said...

wow! you are keeping that doctor in business!!

kellyo75 said...

That's too cute. I love kids!!

Steph said...

Haha! Too cute!!

I hope the surgery goes smoothly and pray that she heals quickly!