Friday, April 18, 2008

Leeann And The Three Capri's

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was losing a bit of weight and found that it was time to start reworking her closet.
She grabbed a pair of size 20 capri's out of her closet, that barely, barely (okay, they didn't really) fit her last summer. They were too big!
Then, she drove to Old Navy and found a cute pair of black capri's. She grabbed a pair, size 18, and toddled off to the dressing room. When she pulled them up, she laughed out loud. They were too big!
So, she walked back out and grabbed a size 16, all the while grinning to herself. It had been a long time since she had gone back out for a smaller size. When she closed the dressing room door and tried on the size 16's, she found that...They were just right!
So, she bought them.
And changed in the van.
Because she loved the way they fit.
The End


Crystal said...

Don't get to used to them! Before you know it you'll have to go back out for a smaller size again! Man girl, you freakin rule!

Crystal said...
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Jen said...

That is so awesome!!! Isn't it the best feeling to try on smaller sizes and they fit. It's just more motivation! You rock!!

Btw-I'm SO SO sorry I missed out on your ask you a question for your 300th post while I was gone on vacation. I had very limited access to a computer. The two posts I did do, I did before vacation and just hit publish when I was out there.

When are we gonna have another girls night out?!?!?! The spa sounds nice :)

I need to get some yummy recipes from you to help keep me going. I just went to the store and bought tons of stuff for some recipes I found on blogs/online etc. Hopefully they are good. They are low in points at least

Okay, there's my novel! Again, CONGRATS Leeann you are doing AWESOME on your weight loss!

TheVasquez3 said...

you. are. awesome.

wow look at you go...and BTW i totally stood up and clapped for you. Jordan came running from the back of the house and asked me what was up. i told her my friend had lost 38 lbs so i was clapping for her.

she looked at me...squinted her eyes and said, "umm you do realize she is not here right?" i said, "yep" and she asked, "is this an imaginary friend?" i said, "nope" and she said, "okey dokie then" and walked away.

it was awesome.

YAY for you!! woooo hooo!!

mom said...

Loved your story. I'm sure we will be seeing similar stories in the near future. Congrats!

Pam said...

You rock! Good for you. You should have bought the same pair in an even smaller size so you have something to wear in a few weeks when you are EVEN SMALLER!! Yeah for you!

katie said...


Annie said...

That is GREAT!!! Keep up the great work. Such a great feeling. I love the characters unwillingness to wait until she was home to change. I hope she wasn't driving and changing at the same time!!!

Sharon said...

Way to go! You are my inspiration to keep trying!

sheri said...

You are totally inspiring to me right now. Getting smaller sized clothes that actually fit is the best part of losing weight! I need to feel that feeling again...

Cassie said...

That is AWESOME !!!!! I know that has to feel so good...I wish I knew...I need to lose 35-40 lbs..and it is SO hard!!! What is your secret? I am sure running is a major factor...keep up the good work!!!

Candygirlflies said...


Now THAT is a good reason to drive a minivan.

Instant dressing room!!

(I'm always looking for more reasons... I hate how much I LOVE MY VAN...)

xoxo CGF

ps. When do we get some "before" and "after" pix?? You could do a slideshow of you shrinking!!!

Andrea said...

I'm so glad that you changed in the car!! That's exactly something that I would do too!!

I love how you put that into a story. You are amazing!!

Regina said...

Kudos to you!! What an awesome post!

common mom said...

Ya for you . . . don't buy too many - you'll be buying 14s in no time!

Congrats to you :-)

And, I think you need to start a new weekly feature . . . Recipes from the Small Chick :-) I need to know what you're doing outside of the gym to be so successful with your weight loss!

Steph said...

That's SO awesome!! :)