Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's The Little Things...That Count

Do you ever remember to be grateful for the Little Things? Do you even recognize and acknowledge the Little Things?
Today, I went to Bay's school to help with reading, like I do every Tuesday morning. When I got there, the class was just leaving for an assembly, so I ended up not having to read. Bay's teacher just asked me to change out their books, which takes about 15 minutes, compared to the hour I'm normally there. This freed up 45 minutes of my day, that I hadn't planned on. Because my Tuesdays are so crazy with appointments and school, 45 minutes is like GOLD.
I actually recognized this little gift and was so thankful for it. Before I left, I found an old, broken brown crayon in Bay's desk, found a paper towel by the sink and left her a little note on her desk. Nothing much, just something to tell her I loved her and that I hoped she had a great day. I hope that Bay takes the time to recognize the Little Things, too.


Erin said...

how sweet! i remember my mom would leave me little notes here and there too. u r such an awesome mom!

common mom said...

I try so hard to remember and appreciate the little things. We mommies get so busy and so stuck to our schedule that sometimes we forget. How fun for you! I love leaving little notes in Dude's binder or lunch :-)

Pam said...

that is so sweet! I wish I would get a note like that for me from time to time. I know my students love when they find notes from mom in their lunch, etc so I am sure she loved it!

Regina said...

Awesome post! You are so right it is the little things that count!

TheVasquez3 said...

it really is the little things, thanks for the reminder!!

Paul is good about the little things...everyday he makes Jordan's lunch for school and everyday he takes a little bite out of her sandwich...she loves opening her lunch and laughing with her friends about her silly daddy...see...the little things!

bequi said...

I get so busy recognizing the big things that sometimes the little things get pushed into the background. I need to work on that!