Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Gotta Go

Why do people think it's okay to bring small, yappy, shivering dogs into supermarkets? Really, I don't get it. I used to have a chihuahua and when I went out into the cold, frigid world...I left him at home.
C'mon people...we can't all be (and shouldn't strive to be) Paris Hilton. I know she made the whole doggy in the purse thing really freaking weird "cute", but get over it.
It's bad enough that people (yes, yes, myself included) bring snotty-nosed kids into a place where food is. (It's kinda against the law to leave my kids home alone.) But, even my kids don't lick their own butts. Seriously. I don't want a butt licker around my produce. It's just gross. When I see it happening by the kinda kills my urge for the BLT I was shopping for.


Crystal said...

I'm with you on this one. 110%

katie said...

Amen. I'm not a dog fan anyways so of course I agree.

Stacy said...

I agree. My mom has a little dog that loves to go out, but he gets to wait in the car. Dogs in public are weird as it is, but in a supermarket or restaraunt are gross!

Pam said...

You said it! I don't understand the take the dog everywhere trend. When I had a dog growing up = we went off, dog stayed home. Just seemed to be the way of the world. This new dog stuff I don't get.

common mom said...

Dude - totally with you! Why is it EVER OK to take a dog into anyplace with food (except of course, service dogs . . . they're well-behaved and serve a wonderful purpose). Really, why is it OK to take a dog anywhere that's not outside? I've always had a dog . . . small chihuahua to large lab . . . there are places for dogs and there are places they shouldn't go. Public parks - good. Amusement parks - bad. Pet store - good. Grocery store - bad.

You get the picture.