Monday, April 14, 2008

Hell Has Frozen Over

I ran two miles on Saturday. Yep, two whole miles without stopping. I was so freaking excited. The longest I have ever done before was one mile. Running and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate to do it, but I love it when I'm done.
I am so excited to go to the gym today and see what I can push myself to do. I really need to rework my music and get more music on there that gets me going. The best song I found to run to, during that run, was Powerman 5000 - When World's Collide. It has the perfect beat for the speed I was running. I haven't a clue what half the lyrics are, but some parts are "What is it really that motivates you?" and "Are you ready to go? Yes, I'm ready to go!" I don't have a Jillian or Bob there yelling at me, so I have to use my music to motivate me.
What songs motivate you?


mickey said...

black eyed peas+get this party started, will smith+switch, U2+Vertigo. oh there is a slew more on my list, music helps me too!

mickey said...

p.s. i am so proud of you! i'll be eating your dust may 10th!

common mom said...

Two miles - dang girl! Good for you! I wouldn't even begin to try that - I'll walk forever in a day, but running . . . I run only when chased by something scary :-)

Music - depends on the day and what I'm doing . . . when I work out, I actually have to read a book - like when I'm on the eliptical. If I'm lifting, then I just need to be and I find some stupid tune to humm in my head to get me in a groove.

Coby said...

No Doubt - Hella Good
Spiderbait - Black Betty
Seether - Fake It
& believe it or not I've got
Britney Spears - Toxic and
Justin Timberlake - SexyBack (uncensored of course) and many more like Pink on my workout playlist. Got to get motivated however you can baby!!!

Pam said...

well, since I am a lazy butt, I don't have songs that motivate me. But I did want to say WOO HOO for you! You rock!

katie said...

I'm totally impressed. I too am not a runner. Give me miles to walk and I'll walk them really good, just no running.
How about a little Gwen Stefani, Hollaback Girl?

Cassie said...

I wish I had Bob right beside me, while I am running...It would be a dream come true...Great job on the 2 miles....I am impressed!!!!

sheri said...

Run It by Chris Brown
SexyBack by Justin
In da Club by 50 Cent
Yeah! by Usher
Wake Up Call by Maroon 5
Push It by Salt n Peppa
Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

I'm kind of a schizo when it comes to my workout playlist, lol. And good for you! You rock!

Stacy said...

The only thing that motivates me to run is a bear chasing me! Sad but true! I absolutely HATE to run. Way to go with the 2 miles!

Crystal said...

I'm perplexed. Now when I run what's going to happen? If Hell has already been frozen, and pigs certainly won't be flying since I'll already be on the treadmill, and I REALLY don't want monkey's flying out of my a$$... what's left?

You have really put a kink in my plans.

Way to go!! ;-)

Candygirlflies said...

Congrats, Leann!! This is wonderful, inspiring news.

Check out my blog for a list of the tunes I cycle to every night-- I wrote a whole post for you!

xoxo CGF

ps. SexyBack seems to be a favourite among all of us here... Hmmmm...