Sunday, April 6, 2008

300th Post Coming Up

My 300th post is coming up. Crazy, isn't it? Who knew I had that much to say? Who knew that so many of you would listen? :)
So, as I have seen on other blogs, I am going to offer the chance for you to ask me anything and I will answer it. Well...pretty much anything. I am a very open person and will usually discuss anything, but since my grandparents read this...I reserve the right to censor the questions. LOL Want to know my favorite color? Always wondered what my view on abortion is? Just ask. I'll post all answers for my 300th post, in about a week. Let's see how creative you all can be!


Pam said...

I'm not so sure how creative I am, but here are my questions:

What do you love most about hubby? Each of your kids? Where is your dream vacation? Do you like ketchup on scrambled eggs (for the record - I do not- but I had to throw a random crazy one in there for fun!). What do you like to do to relax/for fun (besides blogging)?

Okay- I will stop asking questions now!

TheVasquez3 said...

i am asking you the same questions i ask everyone...because i love these questions, and i love how everyone's answers

1. for what in your life are you most grateful.
2. if you were at a dinner party and were offered a dish you had never tried, would you want to taste it even if it sounded strange and not appealing?
3.whom do you admire most? in what way does this person inspire you?
4. what would constitute a "perfect" evening for you?
5.if you could change one thing about the way you were raised, what would it be?
6. what do you value most in a relationship?
7. what things are too personal to discuss with others?
8. what do you like best about your life? least?
9. would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $50,000?
10. if you were quaranteed honest responses to any 3 questions, who would you question and what would you ask?

Mom said...

If you were face to face with Sylvia Brown, what would the one question you would ask her and why?

common mom said...

300 - woo hoo! I have 3 to go ;-)

My question . . .

What is your favorite childhood memory?

kellyo75 said...

I wanna know what the soundtrack of your life would consist of.

Crystal said...

I'm going to have to think about this one... but don't worry. I will come up with something good.

Erin said...

who is best contender for President?

bequi said...

What are your views on illegal immigration?
How did you know Josh was "the One"?
What is the worst date you've ever been on?
Your most embarassing moment?

katie said...

If you could be twenty again, what would you do differently with your life?

Andrea said...

What would your girls' names have been if they were boys, and what would Lukey's name have been if he had been a girl?

Sniz said...

Were you born into the church or did you come to it as an adult?
And I do hope you answer HolleeAnn's questions, because I'd love to know the answer to those too.

mickey said...

What would you do if I kept up with your post daily? You don't have to add this I just think I'm funny because I am so behind.