Monday, March 24, 2008

When It Rains...It Pours

First of all, thank-you to all for your thoughts and prayers and kindness and love. I really and truly appreciate each and every word. I went in for another blood test today and should have the results tomorrow morning. They are checking my HCG level to see what is happening. With any "normal" pregnancy, your HCG level should double every 24-48 hours. This is kind of like the "final" test, to verify that our Little One didn't make it.
Now, right or wrong (and honestly I don't want any one's opinions on it), I have convinced myself that the doctors are wrong. I have googled quite a bit and talked to several people that were diagnosed with a miscarriage...only to go on and have a completely healthy pregnancy. So, in order to cope and function (instead of spending my life a sobbing mess on the couch, like the last 72 hours) I have decided that the doctors underestimate my Little One. Until something happens to prove me wrong, I will not believe the one, little ultrasound.

So, on to my new news. Things around here can't stay "calm" for long. Bailey was on the trampoline last night and landed on her ankle wrong. The x-rays confirm no broken bones, however she did bruise her ligaments and possibly tore the cartilage in her growth plate. So, my klutzy wonderful daughter is now sporting a half cast for up to three weeks. She can't walk on it, due to the angle that it hardened at, but she has become quick at hopping around the house. Her classroom is too far from the lunch room, so I had to bring her with an umbrella stroller for her to ride in. You should have seen it when I brought her in this morning...she was like a queen on her throne. She LOVES the attention and doesn't seem to realize that she's riding around in a baby stroller. :)
This is her third cast, since she was born. She fell down two steps at Grandma's house at 15 months old and broke her left arm. Then, last summer, she crashed her bike and earned another cast, by breaking her right arm. Now this.
Between Bailey being accident prone and the billion and a half x-rays done on Avery's you think the ER offers a punch card or frequent flyer miles?


bequi said...

Sounds like she needs to drink more milk ;-)

Jen said...

Man, you'd have that punch card filled out for sure!!! I can't believe she's had 3 casts already! That's crazy. I hope it heals fast :) said...

My "miscarriage" is a beautiful 10 year old - so I know what you mean! I cramped and my HCG's fell and fell, and they couldn't find a heartbeat, even my horrible morning sickness went away for a few days - and they sent me home to wait. Horrible, horrible emotional roller coaster ride -

One of the theories was that I had been pregnant with twins and one of them wasn't viable, and absorbed into the uterus. Or my little one just kept fighting...we'll never know.

So, you're right, you can't always believe the tests.

Hoping the best for you!

Stacy said...

Leann, I am so sorry for the emotional rollercoaster you've been riding. Good luck and stay strong!

As for Bailey... have you considered a plastic bubble? :)

mickey said...

I am so sorry Leeann. Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday, you bless my life.

Pam said...

Even in all still have your humor! You are cracking me up with the punch card comment!

Andrea said...

I love your outlook. Doctors and tests are often wrong. God is the ultimate decision maker. Keep the faith!