Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #28-OCD

13 Reasons I May Have OCD
(I'm just poking fun at myself...I mean no disrespect to Mickey anyone.)

1. I have a list in every room, of what cleaning needs to be done each day and weekly.

2. The list is colored to match the decor of the room it's in.

3. My storage areas are filled with Rubbermaid, with color-coded labels.

4. My calendar is always up to date...and color-coded for the type of activity/appointment. Green=Work, Purple=School, Red=Appointments, Orange=Fun Stuff, Blue=Soccer

5. My movies are alphabetized.

6. I do not like my food to touch. I will use 2 plates and a bowl, if necessary, to avoid it!

7. When plans get changed, I get upset. I spend a lot of time scheduling things out and if they fall through, it can usually make me cry.

8. I like to do things in order. I try not to deviate from my "order" or my day gets thrown off.

9. I like my boxed food to be label out and lined up straight. I don't do this with the cans, because my one year old likes to make towers with them and messes it up anyway.

10. I like to make lists. A lot of lists. "Things to Do", "Things to Buy", "Things to Make", "Things to Pack", ect. I like them neat and color-coded. (Are you surprised?)

11. I will post and edit, post and edit, post and edit, a blog post, until I get it right. You'd think I'd figure out the mistakes before the first time I post it. Nope. Gotta read it on the blog, not in preview. LOL

12. The pictures in frames on my bookshelf all have to face at the same angle.

And last but not least...

13. My family says I am.
But I don't know what they are talking about. :)


Erin said...

do u want to come and organize my mess??
how do u find the time to do all of this??? do u sleep?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I wish my ocd was so productive!!

Noelle said...

Hi, cool list!! I like to make lists too!!! I usually try to edit my posts before I click publish, but sometimes it doesn't work, and I end up editing a few times after. I did a TT too, it's here:

Candygirlflies said...

Babe, you and I must have been separated at birth. Cause everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me.

And I will only write lists in a PURPLE ball point pen.

I must have OOCD (overly-obsessive compulsive disorder).

xoxo CGF

Rachel said...

Whats wrong with alphebetizing and color-coding???


Mom said...

Tell candygirlflies that you two were not separated at birth. I know. There was only one of you when I gave birth to you. Besides, i would have never given up a second you. I think it's cool that you guys are so organized. I have no idea where you got that from. It sure wasn't me. Tell candygirlflies that I write everything with a purple pen.

TheVasquez3 said...

oh man you are CRAZY...crazy AWESOME!!

i love love love you and this list makes me love you all the more!!

Stacy said...

Leann, I so LOVE you right now! You are making me feel more normal! I absolutely understand everything you said. My husband is driven to insanity by my irrational needs for the towels to all be folded and stacked in identical piles, or the shirts to be all facing the same way on hangers. My packing lists drive him crazy. I am so glad I am not alone! :)

Pam said...

I would feel right at home in your house!

Andrea said...

you are AMAZING! I wish I was half as organized as you are!!

Jen said...

Some of these are SO me especially #7, I schedule and want to know what's going on ahead of time. If things don't go as plan I cry all the time! That's why this Disney trip is TOTALLY stressing me out. My hubby and his fam are total, go with the flow, we'll just do what we decide as it comes and I'm freaking. I wanna buy tickets in advance (get good deals), know where we are going and when etc etc. I could go on forever!

C D said...

You are my hero.

I can only aspire to....

I love color coding, labeling, list-making ~ and I have big dreams of making my life that way.

15 minutes at a time (a la Flylady!)

mickey said...

Okay so on your OCD list I can only name one that I do too, and it's number 11.

Why is that? Reading it in preview doen't work for me either. It's the blog site that I notice all my flaws.

Love Ya, love being like ya!

Nicholas said...

There's nothing wrong with being neat and tidy.

Cassie said...

I see nothing wrong with OCD...I use a purple pen for list making...Sharpies make me very happy, fine point, so i can use them to organize my calendar...I have a family notebook, with a section for each person...where there important "stuff" goes...I am right there with you...completely understand....

bequi said...

I do 4, 5, 10, and 11. I also hang all my shirts the same directions. It stresses me out to look in our closet after my husband does the laundry and I have to secretly "straighten" it. (I mean, why can't he button the second button on all his work shirts so they hang straight?! Is that too much to ask?!) I also get upset when he moves the movies. Sometimes he disagrees with the way I've alphabetized. He doesn't understand that they're organized first by TV shows, then by movies that are a series, and THEN by alphabetical order.