Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27-My Mind

13 Things On My Mind Right Now
1. Why does my gym have a sign that says, "No Smoking-This is a health club facility and we promote good health."...but has a vending machine containing Twix and M&M's? I'm here because I'm obese...not because I have lung cancer!

2. When am I going to find time to do my homework? I have two take home tests, one nutrition assignment, three sections in math and one chapter of reading...and I haven't touched any of it.

3. Do I want salt? Or pepper? Or would they be better together? (Only a couple of you are going to get that...don't even try. LOL)

4. Josh and I are going to the Temple on Saturday. And then to lunch. Oh yeah...7 hours without any little children. *HEAVEN* On that note: THANK YOU RACHEL!

5. I need to finish the dishes. And the laundry. And the cleaning. Crap.

6. Am I going to fit into that skirt by the time Brittney's wedding is here?

7. I would really love some nachos with cheese and jalapenos right now. Yummy.

8. Why does Josh's work think it is funny to schedule trainings on his day off? Funny thing is, I like when he's home...quit stealing him from me!

9. How much longer is Mom going to be feeling good? Is she hiding how she really feels? Should I be more worried?

10. I have four 5K's this summer. Please, please, please don't let me be the slowest one. I must beat my old time!

11. I cannot believe that the carpet for the basement is only going to cost $1600.00. I had figured on so much more. This is fantastic!

12. I should be doing my reading assignment. Crystal is going to be very mad at me. LOL

13. When will the whining stop? Honestly. I can't take one more day of it. I'm ready to pull all my hair out. (Am I whining?) LOL

Thursday Thirteen


Stacy said...

Love the gym one! What are people thinking?!

Nicholas said...

I envy you that you can precede $1600 with the word "only"!

TheVasquez3 said...

mmmmm nachos. WHY?! why! WHYYYYY?!? some kind of bloggy friend you are! lol

AWESOME list, i love reading your mind.

hope all is wonderful there, i am jealous that y'all are getting to trek off to the temple...we need to do that soon too.

Jen said...

Yay for Leeann. 7 hours with no kids and going to the temple! A much needed break for you! Loved this list! Your posts are so entertaining!

damozel said...

You definitely have a lot of things going on! When we used to whine, my mom would whine back at us. I'm happy to hear about your carpet; $1600 sounds like a bargain.

13 Hearts

kellyo75 said...

I always wondered that at my gym, too. They are a little more intelligent than a vending machine, though. If you want the snickers, you gotta go to the counter and ask for it. Ouch! And, mmmm, nachos. I love nachos.

MamaLee said...


I'll take some nachos with your whine, uh, WINE!

Happy TT!

Jennifer said...

My youngest was up at 6:45 (aka 5:45am) this morning. ALL he has done today is whine, fake cry, etc. so I totally get that one!!
I WISH someone would take him away for 7 hours LOL!! Nope, I get to drag him to ballet instead.
My TT are up...FREE STUFF (samples)

common mom said...

And why do people circle the parking lot and wait for 10 minutes for a car to pull out so they can park closer to the gym?

It's amazing how much a woman can be thinking about . . . and none of it related. That is one thing I envy about men in general . . .their ability to "turn it off" when they need to.

Nachos - oh yummy yummy goodness!

My daughter is having trouble with the time change . . . whiney mcwhiner! I can't STAND it! I hear ya on that one.

And 7 hours without the kids - how fun for you! Enjoy your time with hubby :-)

Pam said...

Wow- that is a nice gym....fatten you up with m&m and twix so you have to keep paying them to come back ;) Sorry....after you said nachos...I stopped paying attention and started drooling!

Crystal said...

Oh, I am SO mad!! *eye roll*

mickey said...

I loved the whole list.

1.I agree with the vending machine.

2.I think you would make the best doula and you really could focus all your time on one mommy and you don't have to work shift work. You may be at a labor for 30 hours but you will make a big difference in one woman's life.

3.Your right I don't get it. You knew I wouldn't, right?

4.We are going to the temple too? Let's chat maybe we can meet.

5.Oh me too.

6. When is it? I hope I'm invited.

7.I'd love some lunch, when can we go out together to catch up?

8.I agree, I love Bob's time at home.

9.I don't know the anwser here.

10.What??? And I only know about one? What else are you doing and how do you make the time to train?

11.YEAH, I love when the bottom line is better than we planned.

12.I should be....too long of a list.

13.You don't whine, I've never heard you whine.