Tuesday, March 18, 2008

She Should Be Sainted

So, to continue the hell that is my life...

I called Medicaid this morning. First, you get the person that can't help you, doesn't know how to do anything and can't transfer you anywhere. So, then I called Workforce Services, because I guess they hold all the "Medicaid Knowledge."

They stated that Skylie's case came up for review and because Maegen didn't show, they cancelled her coverage. Cancelled it. Thanks for the notice. You have my address. I get stupid crap from you everyday. The important stuff, though? Eh. Don't send that.

"Well, ma'am, this baby needs to see a doctor NOW...what do you suggest I do?"

I guess now I need to go in and apply on her behalf. Which if anyone has ever dealt with the system (I haven't personally, but I've heard the horror stories), you know damn well it's not going to be a pleasant experience.

When questioned as to how long this procedure is going to take, I was advised 30 days. Well, hmmm. Maegen will be home shortly thereafter, so what the hell is the point in them getting all my information, when it will all revert back to her?

"So, for 30 days she won't have coverage, what am I supposed to do?"
"I dont' know what to tell you. There is nothing that can be done."

Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously? I am not some half-crazy person that can't take care of her kid! I had this situation thrust upon me, because there was no other option...and I hit a wall every time I turn around!

So, I called her doctor's office (they know the situation really well) and spoke to the nurse. She said that it sounds like a yeast infection (probably brought on by the antibiotics she was on for her ear infection) and that they have some new medicine out for it. She will leave me two tubes of the sample stuff at her desk.

I almost started crying. Finally! Someone that CARES! I don't care that it is an hour and a half round trip in there...we are getting some medicine!

So, when Maegen gets out, she can deal with Medicaid. It will only put Skylie late for her 6 month shots, by 2 weeks (which when I got her, I found out that her 2 month shots were a month late, so she is a little off, anyway). I don't have the time, nor the energy, to prove that both her parents can't keep it together and are in jail. I don't want my social security number in their system and my finances looked at. I'm doing just fine, thank you very much.

Why is it that every time I try to do something nice or stick my neck out for someone, I get stepped on? When will the law of karma, right itself?

We just need to pray that she doesn't get sick between now and then. Good hell, that's all I need.


Stacy said...

Oh, Leann! I am soooo sorry! All I can say is that I am so glad you and Josh are there for that little girl. Good luck!

TheVasquez3 said...

the system pretty much sucks. sad.

i am so happy that the nurse was able to hook you up with some cream, praise the Lord!

you and your family are such a blessing in that little girls life, thank heaven she was placed in your care.

MOM said...

I feel your pain daughter. I also have gone through this whole mess with Skylie's older sister. (I can't put her on my insurance either). After (bull crap 30 days) a long more like 60 days of questions, answers, running, filling out paperwork on both parents (we are talking paperwork that looks like books - one on each parent), running into Salt Lake, I finely got her on medicad just in time for her 2 yr check up. All I can say is, GOD BLESS their doctors nurse for helping you out like that. She is the greatest woman who really does care about the kids that go there.

Crystal said...

I am SO glad you were able to get some samples. What an incredible headache.. but I DO know you have and will be rewarded for all you have done for this sweet baby. You got tons of good karma coming your way!!

Jen said...

You deserve ALL the good Karma in the world! You are so selfless and caring to take care of this sweet baby! I'm glad a nurse finally gave you some medication. The system stinks!!!

Pam said...

Oh Leeann! I am just glad that she had the coverage when the RSV hit. I'm sorry the system sucks and you are left dealing with it. But I can tell you- that baby is so much better off (coverage or not) because she is in your care. She is growing and thriving because of YOU! I can't even imagine what would have happened when the RSV hit if you were not caring for her. This girl is here- alive and well- because of you. I know the system sucks, I know that you are dealing with crazy crap....but she is alive and well thanks to you. She may not be able to thank you....but your good deeds do not go unnoticed. Bless you Leeann!

kellyo75 said...

Yep, the system does suck. I am so glad she is getting the medication she needs. My daughter used to get yeast infections, too, so I know the crap you are dealing with.

Sharona said...

You will be blessed in ways that you can't comprehend right now. Too bad we can't speed it up for you! Just hang in there! I promise it will get better soon enough. :)

Mary (craft addict) said...

What a big ol' mess. I'm glad the nurse helped you out. That poor baby shouldn't have to suffer because of red tape.

Erin said...

doesn't always seem the good ones are kicked down? just remember all the good u r trying to do for that little girl!

bequi said...

I always want to leave inappropriate comments, but the fact is that I'm glad to know someone as kind as you.

(for a "feminine" yeast infection, did you know you can clear it up with a tampon covered in sugar-free plain yogurt?!)