Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Down...Three To Go

My first 5K of the year has come and gone. I "ran" it with my friend Lacey this time. I say "ran", because basically after the first mile, she took off and I was left to gasp and pace myself alone! :)
The last 5K I did was here. Such a good story if you've never read it. This one was kind of similar, being that the cross country team was there and quite a few hardcore runners. This time, I didn't come in last (woo hoo!) and actually ran quite a bit of it. It was only 37 degrees with a fiercely cold wind blowing in your face for the first mile and a half.
I finished with a time of 42 minutes, 4 seconds. That took 3 minutes and 43 seconds off my time from September. I'll take it.
It was kind of nice to have 42 minutes to myself. I thought about a lot of things and forced myself not to think about a lot of things.
I laughed when I got to the end and told Lacey that to keep a steady pace, I was singing the "A-B-C's." She laughed and admitted to be singing the "Doe a Deer...a female deer" song. Silly girls that we are.
Well, my next one is in April, but I won't be running that one. I am going with another best friend of mine, Amey, and her entire family, who are not runners. After that is the Susan G. Komen in May. I cannot WAIT to do that one! That is my all time favorite one. There is nothing like getting out there with 2,000 other people and running for a cause. Lastly, leaves the Lake Point 5K in September. I'm hoping I can get down to 35 minutes by then.
But, all in all, a good day. They are few and far between lately, so I'll take it.


TheVasquez3 said...

WOW!! you are awesome!!

congrats and yea good days...take them when they come...savor this!


suebug said...

HEY GIRL! WE DID IT!! I was SO proud of you! I totally think that come September you could be 35 or below by then! We just need to keep up the "A,B,C's" and the "Do, Re, Me's" and we'll be good!!! LOVE YOU OODLES, and it was awesome to see your beautiful smile today!!

Pam said...

Way to go! Super proud of you girl! You rock! Take the good where you can.

Jen said...

WOW! I am extremely impressed! I've never run anything before! I'd fall over and pass out! You are amazing!!

Kelly said...

Wow a runner! I am so not one of those. I'm more of a lifter. You know, lift the chip to my mouth. Good for you it must feel great to accomplish something like that!

common mom said...

How awesome! You shaved 3 minutes off - amazing! I'm pretty sure I couldn't even complete a 5K - I only run when chased, but someone with a crazy look in their eye weilding a chainsaw ;-) Oh wait, that was a dream.

I do recite lyrics or some other rhythmical "thing" when I'm working out - amazing how it makes the time go faster and keeps you on pace.