Tuesday, March 4, 2008

EBay Challenge

I stole this idea from Stacy at smdew.

Go to EBay and find the craziest thing you can. Don't limit yourself...there is some crazy sh*t on there! (As is evident by my find!) C'mon, you know you just laughed! :)

Leave me a comment with your find and play along on your own blog, if you are so inclined! The only rule: The item has to be current. It can't be something mentioned on the news in the past.

I found:
St. Valentine's Fake Doggy Poop-I Love You

"Aww, honey...you shouldn't have!"

No. Really. You Shouldn't Have.


Pam said...

EWE! I looked at that picture and thought to myself...is that poop? No, it can't be poop? But it really looks like poop! Then I read the post and EWE! Fake or now- ick!

That sounds fun to play along with, but my head is killing me tonight so I will have to do it another time!

Erin said...

i'm dumb i didn't even recognize what it was at first!! gee..how much did THAT go for?

jason said...

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mickey said...

You shouldn't have. Really.

That is funny.