Sunday, March 30, 2008

Catching Up My Photos

After my last post made me sound bitter and cold-hearted, I'd figure that I better prove that I don't only sit on the couch crying and being angry. :)
Here are the pics from my Girl's Night Out with the other bloggy Mommies. Jen is the beautiful brunette and Crys is the gorgeous blond...(who thinks she's funny.) :)
Boys sure are different than girls! This one has been scaling great heights (like climbing stools and standing on counter tops) since 18 months old. This time, however, he was just walking and tripped. He banged his head on one of the kitchen chairs and it swelled up like THAT! These are pictures from when I got the swelling down. At least he liked putting the ice on his head.
Again, my son getting into trouble. I heard the "Whoosh! Whoosh!" of the toilet paper being rapidly taken off the roll. My darling son decided that in makes a great outfit.
Last night at bedtime, my kids thought it would be fun if all of them were in footy pajamas. Getting clothing on the 3 year old at all is an achievement, so I thought I'd take a pic and show off how cute they are!
I finally did it. I finally pulled ALL the kid's toys out of their rooms, dumped them in the living room and went through them. This is what it looked like before the nine garbage bags went away to the DI.

This is the new playroom in the basement. I have grand ideas of painting the walls with something fun...I'm just not sure what yet. I know I would love to get some of the vinyl letters and do some of the phrases from the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, The Places You'll Go." But, until then, I'm just ecstatic that the toys are organized!

The hole in the wall is a window into the "clubhouse" under the stairs. (The door to the clubhouse is in the hallway.) The kids love to play McDonald's and I'm constantly hearing, "I'd like a cheeseburger and fries!" :) We need to hit Subway more, apparently.

So, proof that life does go on and I am still accomplishing some things. :)


Jen said...

Your kids are adorable and you are amazing! 9 bags of toys to DI, incredible! I sure wish I would've remembered to bring my camera to our girls night out! Next time I'll remember. . . next time!! I can't wait to get together again!!! :)

Andrea said...

I need to do that with our toys around here. You inspired me!!

That picture of your kids in PJ's...SO cute!!!!

TheVasquez3 said...

i am soooo jealous of your girls night out. especially since you went out with some of my favorite bloggy people.

love love love the PJ pick!

poor little guy with the bump..ouch!

congrats on organized toys...organization makes me happy. it gives me a sense of calm in the middle of chaos that life brings. ahhh...peace.

i do NOT think you sit on your couch feeling angry. i seriously doubt anyone else does either, you deserve to have the feelings you are having. period!

Annie said...

Beautiful photos! Congrats on your 5-K. Mickey said you are going to Anytime Fitness...I LOVE it there! I too am very excited about the Susan G. Komen...good luck!!!

Kelly said...

I love the bump on the head pics. It makes me feel better. My daughter turns 3 in April and she still falls all the time. I was half tempted to get her a dr. appt to see if she is off balance or something. lol P.S. I need to know your trick for getting clothes on your 3 yr. old. My daughter is only 2 and has been streaking for a year already!

Candygirlflies said...

Wow, Leann! Fantastic pix!! Especially the one of the five gorgeous children, all smiley and ready for B-E-D!! Love it.

And I also love the colour in your basement playroom... Green is my favourite, and that shade is particularly nice. Have you considered painting the walls to make it feel as though the kids were in a garden, or in a meadow? You could even stencil a verse or two of the "Over in the Meadow" rhyme, and paint in some of the animals and their mothers... Just a thought! I love Dr Seuss, too-- we saw "Horton" on the weekend, and it was fantastic.

Lastly (and I'll clam up after this, I promise), please don't ever hesitate to let your feelings out with us... We are mothers, here, together... and many of us empathize with how you're feeling, with all our hearts. I know I do.

And it makes me admire you all the more, when you are able to put those excruciating emotions into words. So beautifully.

Lots of love-- CGF xo

Pam said...

Wow! you have been busy! Can you come clean and organize my house??

common mom said...

Great pictures! I love your little dude with the toilet paper . . . what's more fun that dragging it off the roll :-)

GNO sounds like a blast . . . how fun! I love my GNOs . . . they are few and far between, but very cherished and appreciated.

And I hear ya on the toy sort . . . I LOVE to do that . . . because it makes me feel organized for a little while, at least ;-) Isn't it always amazing how much "stuff" your kids can accumulate? Our rule is we throw out pretty much anything that is broken or is missing a piece . . . yay for you for getting through it - and I love the clubhouse . . . wish we could do that with our house!

bequi said...

A clubhouse under the stairs?! I wish my mom was as cool as you.