Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24-Random Pictures In My Home

1. Yeah, so it was an easy theme for the 1/2 bath. :)

2. A couple of my readers should see some familiar pictures! :)
3. These cute clings used to include a 2 foot Dora the Explorer. Sadly, she saw her death at the hands of the toddler that resides in this home.
4. Princess Power!
5. I really need to paint this bathroom.

6. So true!

7. Yes, sometimes we need a constant reminder.

8. This is made out of an old cabinet door! Don't I have crafty friends?
9. Because we love someone in Heaven, we feel Heaven in our home.
10. Pictures of each of us, at the age of one. (Ignore that they are crooked.)

11. Finally! A boy theme in this house! :) 12. Need I say more?

13. Some of the cutest things in my home.


bequi said...

Picture 12:
I keep a Denny's restroom sign in my bathroom. You know the kind, where it says if the bathroom isn't clean enough, talk to management? Of course, by that I mean the apartment managers. You'd think for what I'm paying, they'd do their job and clean out my toilet once in a while!

Crys said...

Ahhhh.... you have a picture of Noah??? You really are the sweetest thing ever!

I actually laughed out loud at the Help Wanted sign. I made Shane come look.

GREAT Thursday Thirteen.

Andrea said...

love the bottom picture!!

common mom said...

HAHAHAHA! Help Wanted - I love it! And thanks for sharing your home . . . how fun to see :-) ANNNDDD I love the pictures of each of you at 1 year old . . . I may have to steal that idea from you if you don't mind :-)

Mom said...

Love the very last 2 pictures.

Jen said...

I think I saw a picture of Noah in there! Very cute pictures, especially the one of the kids! I need one of those help wanted pictures!! Funny about the Dora stuff, same has happened in my daughters room! LOL!

TheVasquez3 said...

love the story about Dora.

i NEED to get the help wanted sign for my laundry room, THAT is pure genius!!

Pam said...

Those are great pictures! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

kellyo75 said...

I love it! Adorable kids!! And I so WANT that washer and dryer. I am in the market RIGHT NOW for them! Never HEARD of Can't Buy Me Love?? Really?? It's a great movie!!

mickey said...

I love your home decor, you've made it look sooo good. I am lucky to have a great friend like you and yes I saw my picture. I am sorry I'm not a good everyday blogger, but I'm glad I glanced at your past blogs and found this one. By the way how did you get your new lay out? I love it, the pics are the best!