Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Josh and I

I stole these from a MySpace Quiz. Feel free to steal them yourself!

1. Where did you meet?
We both worked at McDonald's in high school.
2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
"Lerpy-looking kid..."
3. Do you remember what he/she was wearing?
Jeans and a t-shirt most likely
4. Where was the first time you kissed this person?
In his drive-way after our 2nd date
5. How did he/she ask you out?
He said, "Umm, I uh, just wanted to know, you know, if you wanted, I mean I didn't know, but ummm, if you wanted, I just thought, you know, ummm, I could, ahh, if you wanted, take you to Homecoming?"
6. How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
About 3 months
7. Has this person ever proposed to you?
8. Do you and this person have kids together?
Four little stinkers
9. Have you ever broken the law with this person?
Indecent exposure...if anybody had caught us! LOL
10. When was the first time you realized that you liked this person?
On our second date. He protected me from the scary people in the haunted house.
11. Do you get along with any of the ex's of your partner?
He doesn't really have any ex'es. Although I'll meet his prom date at an upcoming wedding.
12. Do you trust this person?
13. Do you see your partner in your future?
I sure hope so!
14. Whats the most expensive thing this person has given you?
My children...they are priceless.
15. What is the thing you do that gets on his/her nerves?
I flip out easily.
16. Where do you see each other in 15 years from now?
With an almost empty nest! (sad thought)


Pam said...

I love hearing about you two! What a great love story. Hope all is well with your family!

Andrea said...

#9 -- REALLY?!?!
and #10 -- sounds intriguing. I'd love to hear more!!

TheVasquez3 said...

i loved reading this here AND on myspace. i am so glad you added me as your myspace friend. i heart myspace!

Jen said...

This is so cute! I think I may have to steal it :) As for backgrounds on the blog, it looks like you already figured it out. Crystal's awesome huh? Have a great night!

Jen said...

Your blog is ADORABLE! I love it!!

Pam said...

Oh I LOVE the new look! Did you do it yourself?

Andrea said...

WOW!! Your new look is amazing!! How did you do THAT?!?!

Regina said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing!! I love the new look, and that header picture is awesome!