Sunday, February 17, 2008

Loving My New Look?

So, I am a girl with some fabulous friends. When I need a dose of white chocolate covered popcorn...I see Rachel. When I need to laugh till I'm gonna pee...I hang out with Lacey. When I need a friend that knows what I'm going to say, without me having to say it...I call Amey. When I need a shoulder to cry on...Mickey is my girl. When I want to hide from my children and disappear into cyberspace for a while, I visit all those links on the right side of my page.
When I need an adorable, custom, blog make-over...Crystal is who I trust. She just started up a custom header business at Memoirs of a Mommy Headers. You may know her from Memoirs of a Mommy or Noah's Adventures. This is just another one of her many talents. Be sure to check her out. She will work with all of your ideas...and make them better!
Thank-you, Crys. Thank-you for your friendship and thank-you for my beautiful new page.


Jen said...

I LOVE IT!!! We're so lucky to have Crystal!

Pam said...

Very nice!! I like this header too (I saw it last night with the flowers - I thought that was cute. But this is nice because the pictures of the kids are a bit bigger - very nice!)

suebug said...

I too am LUCKY to have a fuzzy friend like you!!! FUZZY!