Monday, February 11, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

Possible Reasons Why I Haven't Been Online In 3 Days:

-The power cord to my laptop split open, causing sparks to fly all over my lap.
-I yanked the power cord out of the computer pretty damn quick...severing it in two.
-I threw the power cord in the outside garbage, to avoid a house fire.
-My mother-in-law reminded me that it should still be under warranty, so I fished it out of the outside garbage, where it was laying in used kitty litter.
-I called Dell to get a new power cord and the "special" department that I needed closed 7 minutes before I got transferred to them.
-Avery came down with strep.
-Luke, Ryleigh and Skylie all start fevering.
-I beg Josh to come home and his boss does will not let him...actually keeps him past the end of his shift by 30 minutes, to boot.
-Josh went to CompUSA to get a new power cord and came back (minus $70.00) with the wrong thing.
-CompUSA is going out of business and all sales are final.
-I beg Josh to stay home from work, because all the kids are sick. Nope. Now I'm mad at him.
-Luke came down with strep.
-Ryleigh came down with strep.
-Skylie has battled a fever all weekend due to her immunizations.
-Luke also has conjunctivitis.
-I called Wal-mart, but they don't carry power cords compatible with Dell laptops.
-Took four very ill children to Wal-mart to get the prescriptions. Luke's eye medicine is a little, teeny tiny dropper holding about 1 teaspoon of medicine. My cost? $45.00. Damn insurance company.
-Call Dell for power cord. Guess what? That one piece only had a one year warranty. New one will be $75.00. Oh, and by the way, you won't get it for a week and a half. Cancel that idea. I work from home. Need my computer.
-Mother-in-law went to Office Depot. No power cord there.
-Josh gets home at 2:00 pm with a, "What can I do to help?" Grr. " that the kids have all been taken to the doctor, had their medicine and they are napping...what can you do?" Yup. Still mad.
-Mother-in-law went to Staples. Nope. Not there either. Hunt continues for elusive power cord.
-Called Radio Shack. They have attachments that will work!
-$90.00 later and new power cord and attachments are in my house.
-The one attachment that I need for my computer...missing from the box. Are you freaking kidding me?
-Called Radio Shack, drove back to Radio Shack and attachment is stolen from another box. (With clerk's permission, of course!)

Which Of These Reasons Actually Happened:

(It boggles the mind, why I am not a drooling, babbling idiot.)


Rachel said...

Um...that is weird! My bro's power cord gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago, and mine did a couple of days ago. Dad said the laptop (which is Dell) is still under warranty but now Im wondering if the power cord still is.....I need to call them tomorrow. I've been using my moms computer so i am okay for now. At least I know where I can find a cord if it's not under warranty! Thanks!
And yes....I've missed you terribly!

Steph said...

Oh no!!! Im so sorry! (((hugs))) for you!

Crys said...

I'm SO glad you are back! I've been having Leeann withdrawals.

But I am SO VERY sorry for all you have had to deal with.

Jen said...

I'm So sorry you've been dealing with all this craziness! You poor poor lady! I hope your kids get better soon and your hubby is helping you tons now! :) I'm glad to see you back! :)

Melessa said...

Yes! I HAVE missed you. If I didn't know better, I would swear we had the same husband and that they worked for the same boss. I'm glad you are back online.

Sniz said...

Yeah, that pretty much stinks. And to add insult to injury, it is February! Hope everyone is getting well. My hubby is STILL sick in bed. I'm trying to be patient, but I've entered the "force yourself to ask how he's doing, then leave the room quickly" phase. My sympathy ran out yesterday when I realized if that was me, he'd go to work and I'd still have to teach and take care of the kids, while his sick days consist of being left alone to do be on his laptop in the bedroom all day. I'm not bitter. I'm just a little, as you say, mad! :-)

Mom said...

Think of it this way, it could be worse! You could be homeless, foodless, moneyless and any other "less" there is in the world. So cordless isn't so bad. Thank God for Radio Shack, huh?

common mom said...

Oh my! Wish I lived on the same side of the mountain as you - I woulda run those errands for you! Glad you got your computer working again. Doesn't it seem like it ALWAYS happens when you really need it to work . . . the piece missing, the fire hazard...

Glad you're back online - I missed you!

kellyo75 said...

holy cow-that's NUTS! I would be especially mad at the COMP USA purchase, I hate losing money like that! I am glad you are back, even if it cost you $165

katie said...

two things that really ruin my day....broken computers and sick kids. sorry.

Pam said...

Seriously- how do you make it through these days??!! You are one heck of a woman - I would have a drinking problem or a serious sarcasm problem. Oh wait- I have that sarcasm problem already.

I hope - no make that pray- that you have a much better rest of the week!

Regina said...

Wow, i see you've been a little busy! Glad you have got things under control over there!

livin' with me said...

Oh wow! Sounds like a pretty good excuse to not be around. Hope things are going better and all the kids are feeling better.

Annie said...

You deserve mother of the well as wife of the year...nurse of the year...employee of the year...everything! wow!

Andrea said...

Girl, you have been through SO are you still sane? Seriously, your strength of character is truly inspiring.

I hope all your kids are starting to feel better!

Junebug said...

Wow! That was a painful, expensive process. Sorry about that. Hope things are going to be brighter immediately if not sooner. :D