Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #19-Things I Say

13 Things I Say Everyday

1. "Where's Avery?"
2. "Please go clean your room."
3. "How many times do I have to tell you to keep your hands to yourself?"
4. "Go check on Avery."
5. "Will someone please go get your brother a diaper?"
6. "Didn't I tell you to go clean your room?"
7. "Do you need time out?"
8. "Great job!"
9. "Will you please put your shoes away?"
10. "I don't know where your coat is. I give you a place to put it and if you can't find it, that's not my problem."
11. "If I have to tell you one more time to go clean your room...[insert threat here]"
12. "Thank-you! I really appreciate your help!"
13. "I love you."


jenn said...

Some of those have come out of my mouth, especially the I love you.
happy tt!

AJ Chase said...

I say most of those things too. I always tell my son that he needs to find his own things. When he asks me where something is I almost always say, "I don't know, where did you leave it?"

MondaythroughSunday said...

I have said so many of these! My youngest is out of after 11 years almost straight of diapers..I no longer have to ask for a diaper. Ahhh!

geek-betty said...

I need to get a tape recorder to play back my most commonly used phrases - I say them SO many times a day.

Pam said...

We would make great real life friends...these are all things I say (well, except where's avery- though if it will help, I will start saying that each day!)

Di said...

Feed the dog
Empty the dishwasher
Take a shower
No, you can't skip school tomorrow
Don't yell for me from another room!

Ah, the list gets more and more interesting as the years pass.

theqcontinuing said...

This is the You Tube video for you!!

TheVasquez3 said...

DITTO...change names as needed.

Regina said...

Great list! It's almost like being in my house... I say #2,3,6,8,9,and 11 all the time. I think I say them in my sleep! But of course my favorite is #13! All day EVERY day!


pussreboots said...

#13 is very important. Happy TT.

Mom said...

I love this one. You have Avery inserted in there 2X. How funny.

Andrea said...

Oh, that sounds like a familiar day!!