Sunday, January 6, 2008

She Loves Me...She Really Loves Me

Miss Sniz has given me this fantastic award because...well...she enjoys laughing at my pathetic attemps at humor and my sad, little life stories says I make her smile. Isn't that nice?

So, I will happily pass this on to a few special no particular order:

Candygirlflies-She has a fabulous blog with such a positive outlook on life. She also was extremely helpful with my many questions regarding my Mom.

Andrea-I love reading Andrea's blog. She is so open and honest about everything. She can put a "funny spin" on just about any subject.

Lacey Sue-One of my BFF's. If you haven't visited her blog...please do. She is a fantastic Mommy and a truley fantastic person...inside and out.

Pam-Pam is an amazing person. How she juggles her babies and being a teacher....I will never understand. Her blog never fails to improve my mood.

HolleeAnn-A newcomer to my blog life. She is an amazing Mommy and has wonderful insights. I feel like I could meet her in person and feel like we have known each other forever!


Pam said...

Oh! I'm blushing! You are too kind! I actually gave you something on my blog too! Thanks for thinking of me! I will be sure to pass this on and share the love (as soon as I get a chance!). Thanks again!

Andrea said...

Thanks, my friend. The love is being sent right back at ya'!!!

Candygirlflies said...

Love YOU, right back, my dear!! Thanks so much for this. Coming from a gal like you, this means a great deal!!

Much love, CGF xoxo

TheVasquez3 said...

wow!! i am so excited! i clicked on this like 2 hours ago and the phone rang, so i have been sitting on your blog for a while and just got back...and now i am excited all over again! YAY!! i looove bloggy awards! you are WAY sweet for thinking of me and your wrds are just the sweetest!

HUGS!! and thank you!!

Sniz said...

I DO love you, Leeann! And I'm proud of you. And you have an awesome blog. And you are a great writer. So you deserve a pink lion! (Isn't he cute?)

Regina said...

Congrats on your award! it seems like Christmas time in Bloggerville!

suebug said...

Thank you sweet cheeks, I love how you pimp out my "oh so un-viewed" blog spot! Thank you for your sweet words, and for your friendship!!!

suebug said...

by the way case your wondering ...Lacey Sue...IS case your wondering :) hehehehehe