Sunday, January 13, 2008


I did something today, that I haven't done in years. Years.
I would like to say it's not eating chocolate...but...I had a couple pieces after dinner.
I'd like to say it's not yelling...but, let's face it...that New Year's resolution was a battle that was lost before it started. (However I still haven't had pop and BOY do I want a freaking Diet Coke with Lime!)
I sat through ALL of sacrament meeting. For those of you that do not understand the enormity of that statement, let me explain. Church is three hours long. For the first two hours, children go to primary (or nursery) and then Sunday School. This means, that for two solid hours, my children are coloring, singing songs, playing games/with toys, eating a treat (which is bound to be sugary) and while learning, being somewhat rambunctious.
Then, we all gather for sacrament. This means that the formerly hyper children, now have to sit reverently for an hour. This is no easy task. Every possible reason for getting out of sacrament and wandering in the halls...has been invented by my kids. My children learned early on that whispering, "I need to go potty." is not nearly effective as yelling, "I gotta POOP!"
Today, I went prepared with 4 coloring books, 837 crayons, apple slices, candy and 2 binkies. Thankfully, Lukey passed out after the first song, and Bay and Ry colored most of the time. That left the 2 year old. Josh was able to come today, so we had a great 2-on-1 defense. She only crawled under the benches twice, yelled, "WHAT'S THAT MAN DOING?" three times and threw her binky at the back of some unsuspecting woman's head, once.
All in all, a success.
Thankfully, there are seven more days until next Sunday.
I need that long to recover.


Who Am I? said...

Congratulations! I 'sacrificed' today by staying home with the sick three year-old so my husband could better 'enjoy' Sacrament meeting with the three older kids. I'm such a nice wife that way.


Pam said...

I am impressed! I usually give up after the first protest and go walk the halls with the kids.

Good for you!

katie said...

AMEN! Most weeks it's okay but today the little dude passed out. I once had a guy in my ward tell me," don't worry...your kids aren't the noisiest ones here." Thanks. I don't want that award. I'm praying for March to come fast. We need nursery!

TheVasquez3 said...

impressive! having sacrament mtg. in the third hour seems like such a huge challenge for most kids.

we only have one "eye rolling, neck breaking, loud sighing" chick in our ward who REALLY has a hard time with the little ones. honestly tho i think there is some sort of secret pool to see how many times she shoots her head around and throws the stink eye.

i totally want in on that action, she averages about 6-9 times in the hour, i could make some serious cheddar, i mean if there were such a pool...which, ummm i am sure there isn't...cuz ya know that's...well anyway. congrats!

Candygirlflies said...


Rest up, girl.

xo CGF

Annie said...

Congrats!!! Sometimes I wish I had someone to get me out of sacrament! I guess I should enjoy it while I can!!

Regina said...

Well, look on the bright side ... The kids keep you from falling asleep!

You better rest up, the weekend comes pretty fast!

sheri said...

Oh man, Sac. Mtg last? That has to blow. We were heathens yesterday and ditched Stake Conference. I know, I know.

Steph said...

Wow!!! Ive tried to sit through evening church all of 3 times with one child and havent made it.. Im IMPRESSED!

Melanie said...

I was laughing right out loud at the "WHAT IS THAT MAN DOING" question. Kids are just too funny. I never would've made it- I always take Hailey out right away.
Livin' With Me

theqcontinuing said...

I'm an instigator. Anthony won't let me sit by children because I play with them all through sacrament and they start shrieking and laughing and when their parents turn around to see what the heck is going on, I look innocent and stare at the pulpit. And laugh when the kids get in trouble.

Andrea said...

Wow. I don't know when the last time was that I sat through a whole church service. Kudos to you!

ps: yeah, that whole 'not yelling at your kids' thing...I tried that too -- uh, it's not very successful so far!