Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

This year, I want more smiles,
And not so many tears.
A year to be quite daring,
While ignoring all my fears.
This year I will understand,
And criticize much less,
I will celebrate my family.
And ignore the loads of stress.
I want to curb my spending,
Instead, I want to save,
Yell less than I do now,
And reward when they behave.
I want more time with family,
And I want to hold them close,
Because at every year's end,
My family matters most.


Pam said...

Maybe I can print that out and glue it to my forehead to remind me to do all these things each day. My dear, sweet, loving Ashlyn just told me I am mean....Happy New Year mommy! So...I guess I'm being tested already on being a better mommy this new year. ;) Happy New Year Leeann! I hope you and your family have a great year. I hope all your wishes and all the things you wrote come true! Happy New Year!

Andrea said...

That pretty much sums it all up! And yeah, it is the time with our family that we can never have back once it's gone...so we better treasure it now! :) I hope I can reach the goals you wrote about too...at least some of them! ;)

Andrea said...

That was beautiful. And so true. Family is what's important!

smdew said...

Beautiful poem! I love reading your blogs, because I just nod my head in agreement the whole time!

Regina said...

Hey Leeann, that was so beautiful! You know my views on family! So we agree on that!

Crys said...

Once again... You said it perfectly.