Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good Times

So, I went to the doc's today. Fun little check-up to see why my uterus has been causing me such pain and problems.
Fast forward to that moment where I am sitting on the table, naked from the waist down, covered with a see-through sheet. I am happily reading a magazine article on how to organize my garage, when I hear it.
At first, I don't believe it, so I sit quietly and listen again.
Yep, there it is again.
Holy crap.
I am sitting on the table, naked from the waist down, covered with a see-through sheet...and the fire alarm is going off.
I hop off the table, clutching the sheet around me, and peer out the door. All I see is nurses running down the hall, yelling, "Do you have patients in rooms?" and "This can't be a false alarm...they didn't announce it!"
I realize that I have but a few seconds, to make my decision. Evacuate in a sheet, or get dressed and take my chances with a fire.
So, not wanting to cause anyone to go blind, I quickly shut the door, throw off the sheet and try to put on my clothes as fast as possible.
I put one pant leg on, and start hopping toward the door, while trying to get my other leg in. Suddenly, at the same time, I hear an announcement that it is a false alarm and no one needs to evacuate...and I trip over my loose pant leg... and fall flat on my face.
Oh yeah.
Good times.


Mom said...

Sounds like unnecessary fun at a doctors office where you really don't want to be in the first place. Glad it was a false alarm, but sorry you fell flat on your face. Hope everything came out alright. Love ya tons!

Andrea said...

Oh, WOW girl. Glad it was a false alarm.


Andrea said...

Ok, that story is TOO funny! Thanks for making me laugh...but whew! Glad it was a false alarm. :)

theqcontinuing said...

You were already at the door and you didn't even have your pants on all the way?!
That was just an awesome story. Hopefully your face was not serously injured.

suebug said...

Do you wanna know what's freaking hilarious about this?? As you were laying ever so "nakedly" on a table...I was on the phone with Dr. Peads nurse getting my anti-biotic prescription called in...and HEARD the alarm...and Connie (the nurse) says:" Oh my!! I'm going to have to call you back...I believe we are having a fire in the building!!" So funny!! YOU WERE THERE!! HAHAHAH!

Pam said...

My fear at school is that we will have a fire drill at school and I will be in the bathroom....

Having said that- TOO funny! I'll be laughing at this one for a while!

Coby said...

Leeann going "commando" in a paper dress with cute firemen running around....PRICLESS!!

sheri said...

Oh. My. GOSH! I have a friend in Utah (starts w/a "B") who was at the ob/gyn Tuesday and this happened to her too!!!! Totally sitting there in the paper top and knee-hi socks when the fire alarm went off. I wonder if you were at the same place she was?!

(ps. I found your blog through Kellyo75)

redheadtina said...

I am Sheri's friend (she just posted a comment). Uh, this happened to me on Monday. What are the chances that it happened to both of us. Oh, and I blogged about the experience as well. Yikes. At least I got out fully clothed.

redheadtina said...

Oh my gosh, yes, we were in the same town! I'm totally giggling. So it happened again on Tuesday, huh? I was there on Monday and we actually had to leave the building, and then we got sent home. I'm now singing, "It's a Small World". :)