Friday, April 20, 2007

How To Have A Bad Day

1. You wake up.
2. Your daughter pours pink fingernail polish on the biege carpet.
3. You spend 3 hours scrubbing the carpet with every solution known to man, such as (but not limited to): nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, shaving cream (don't laugh, that actually worked the best!), oxyclean, detergent, ect.
4. You get a phone call informing you that the house you had put in for was "awarded" to another family.
5. You find out that the house "awarded" to another family was probably done unfairly and you had an ice cube's chance in hell of getting it in the first place.
6. You cry so hard that you vomit the chips and salsa you just ate. (As a subnote: your throat burns all day because of the salsa.)
7. You give up on the carpet, because you realize that you just don't care anymore.
8. Your cat (who you have already put a bell on!) catches and kills a bird in front of you. Your screaming draws staring from the neighbors.
9. Your daughter (yep, same one that caused the previous trouble) pours bubble solution all over the kitchen floor. Wiping it just causes more bubbles. You decided to leave that for your husband to deal with.
10. You realize that it is only 6:00 and there are still 6 hours left in the day in which you can be maimed and tormented by the world.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Rearview Mirror

There's got to be a hundred country songs and sayings about not looking in the rearview mirror, because you don't want to look at the past or what you have left behind.
Today, driving through town, I realized that I catch some pretty cute moments in my rearview mirror. I catch Luke's head bobbing from side to side as he falls asleep. I catch Avery singing the ABC's. I watch the girls fight...and then watch the pouting after I tell them to knock it off. I see their excitement as we drive around looking at Christmas lights. I watch Luke struggle and then succeed at taking his shoes off. I watch them singing and dancing along to the Rascal Flatts CD. I watch one of them smack the other and then look around to see if anyone saw it. I see Bailey and Ryleigh talking to each other about friends and school...and I catch a glimpse of what they will be like as teenagers.
I love my rearview mirror. I love the small, little moments that make you feel content with your life. When I look into my mirror, I don't dwell on the past or where I have been; but submerge myself in my future...and where it is going.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

I Have Learned

Marriage has many ups and downs. You don't always get along with your spouse. Of course, ideally, you will always LOVE your spouse, but you may not always LIKE what they do.
You may fight about money, who's turn it is to take out the garbage, or who is in trouble for not paying the phone bill. It is hard to mesh two individuals and make them one. It is difficult to take the ideas of two people and reach one common ground.
After yesterday, I have decided...Josh and I are gonna make it! We have what it takes to make a marriage work. I figure, if two people can be put in a back yard, with 30 metal poles, 15 plastic pieces, 115 screws and an abnormal amount of nuts and bolts...(plus a horrible set of directions)....and not kill each other; actually make sense of it all....they are going to be alright!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Why is it that women worry so much about body image? We are either too fat, or too thin, or too pale, or too tall. Why can't we just be happy with what we were given?

Why can't we just be happy and accepting…stretch marks and all? I earned those! 36 months total of being a host to a fetus will take a toll. (Especially if those 36 months only span over a 60 month time frame!)

Women constantly strive to change themselves. "I don't like being brunette…let's try out a red head's life." "I don't like blue eyes, let's get some green contacts." "I don't like that my boobs went south for winter and never returned home…IMPLANTS!" It is a constant game of "where am I imperfect…and how can I fix it?"

This is something that plagues me daily…yet something that I don't want to pass on to my girls. I want them to love themselves…because I love them. I want them to see that they are beautiful people…because they make people laugh and they are caring and kind…not because they can wear a size 2. I want them to focus their energies on how to make the world better…not on how many calories they ate today.

Because…maybe if they grow up with this kind of attitude…this acceptance of self…they will teach me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Monkey See...Monkey Do

I had to laugh tonight, because, well, kids do that to you! We were all in the living room tonight, having family prayer before bed. Try as we may, and we DO try to teach the kids to be reverent....sometimes they lack a little!
Luke was busying crawling around on the floor, bumping into the walls with his head. Avery nicely had her arms folded and kept whispering "Name of Jesus Christ. Name of Jesus Christ." Bailey did pretty well and sat still. Ryleigh was the one praying tonight. I love kids' prayers! Occasionally, trips to Disneyland and candy are asked for. About the end of the prayer is when Lukey sat up and tried to put a diaper on his head!
And how did Mommy see all this going on? She was being irreverent and peeking!
Silly kids. Moments like this...when we are all clean and teeth are brushed and jammies are on and the kids are smiling...that's what it's all about.