Friday, December 21, 2007


Thank-you, little girl at my daughter's school, who told my daughter about her cousin. This little girl's cousin was caught smoking AT THE AGE OF SEVEN! My daughter completely understood why this was a bad idea and why no one should do it. She could even tell me some of the health problems that smoking can cause. Thank-you, Elementary School, for apparently bringing this up in class already, because my daughter knew way more than I gave her credit for.

Thank-you, Mr. DJ on the radio, who was discussing the recent Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy news. He was joking that he told his daughter that holding hands with a boy would get her pregnant. My daughter turned and looked at me and said, "You can't get pregnant by holding hands with a boy!" I agreed with her and then held my breath for the questions to follow. Thank-you, God, for allowing my child to remain innocent for a while longer, because the questions never came.

Thank-you, Wal-mart, for having your computers go on a fritz yesterday, as 200 people tried to check out. As we all stood in line together, my daughter witnessed patient people, laughing people and kindness. I was so happy to see that no one freaked out on each other or the cashiers.

Thank-you, to my friends and family. For all that you do. For all that you are. For all that you help me be.


Pam said...

Okay - seriously- you have been bringing tears to my eye lately! I love that your family has as big of a heart as you! Enjoy your time with them and less rushed mornings, no homework, and no library books to remember, etc. You have an amazing spirit!

Andrea said...

200 people in Wal-Mart and NOBODY freaked out? How amazing!!

Kellan said...

Hey Leeann - do me a favor. Will you go over to Melanie's site ( and read her post today about some things going on with her little daughter. You are the only one of my bloggy friends that I know is in the medical field (you are right?) and I know you might not have a clue what she is talking about, but you might and then again you might know someone or just be able to give her some advice. I know she is worried about her daughter and I felt bad that I didn't know what to tell her - and then I thought of you. If you read her post and have no clue what to tell her, then you don't have to comment. I hope this is not wrong of me to ask you to go over there. I just thought you might have some advice. Take care and thanks - Kellan

BTW - have a good weekend.

Regina said...

Jeez, I wish I was in your Wal Mart because mine surely sucked last night!
Isn't having an awesome family totally ...AWESOME!!
And don't you just love how the school system "assists" us parents with open dialogue with our kids!!


Steph said...

This is an amazing post!! Im amazed at the walmart situation!

Pam said...

by the way...I have an award for you at my blog...enjoy!!

theqcontinuing said...

I love your daughter.

The End.

TheVasquez3 said...

cool kid, but i am not surprised, her mom is really cool too...that tends to run in cool families like that!

sa said...