Thursday, December 6, 2007

So, what about....

the basement?
It is being worked on daily, now. The ceiling was being textured today. The plumber also stopped by today. Hopefully this means that the bathroom will be getting worked on soon. The carpet guy came by to measure for the carpet. I still don't know how we are going to pay for that part of it. Eh...Josh's mantra..."It will all work out."
I have my final test for my CNA class tomorrow. I'm not worried. I think it will go fine. I have two more clinical days, and then I can apply for a time slot for the state test. I am really worried that I won't be able to find a job that will work around Josh's schedule. This is currently stressing me out.
She is doing pretty good. Her red and white blood count was down last week, so no chemo was allowed. She got a shot for the red blood cells and has just had a little soreness from that. She seems to be less depressed and I pray that this is not just an act. I really miss our joking around and her laughter. Those days are few and far between right now.
I have all the kids done. I just have a lot of wrapping ahead of me. I still haven't written our Christmas letter, so I really need to get on that. We are having family pictures done next Sunday afternoon, at the Benson Grist Mill. I am so excited and I pray that the kids are in a "picture taking" mood.
the weather?
Yeah. Another huge storm is coming in. I do not ski. I do not snowboard. I do not like the snow. I have no use for it. It can snow all it wants in the mountains, but the 6+ inches they are expecting in the valley, does not make me happy. If I miss clinicals again, because the snow plows have not made it to my rural corner of the world...I am going to be PISSED!


Common Mom said...

My basement - I wish I could get around to doing it like you have! I can't complain - ours is finished - just 1979 style.

School - the kids are loving it! One more week and then Jason is on a 3 week winter break . . . we're headin' to MN for Christmas - fun!

Mom - she's having some recurrence of her relapsing polychondritis - which is a rare terminal disease. But she's actually doing really well with it. We cherish every day!

Christmas - all the shopping done and gifts shipped yesterday. Now all we have to do is get there to celebrate with family and all will be well with my world :-)

The weather - warm and sunny - ick! I love warm and sunny - in summer. I need your snow. We got TONS up in the mountains yesterday (other side of your mountains) - hopefully we'll get a bit today - looks like it anyway!

Good luck with your test!

mickey said...

I'm tired just from reading your blog. I should make my list and post it. Good luck on your test and I'm sorry to hear about Mom. My heart goes out to you all. love, me

Pam said...

Wish my house was getting finished...but we too have no money to pay for things are left unpainted, unfinished, etc. Ain't remodeling fun? School stinks! But I'm still so super proud of you for taking your classes. Christmas- ahhh! I'm not ready! Hate snow! Make it go away!

Steph said...

Im glad the basement and CNA stuff are coming alomg. I will keep your job situation in my prayers. Im glaad your mom is doing better. Yay for being done shopping. We are not done yet. I hope the kids are in a picture taking mood.

We are ok. John is loving his job. Liv had 2 snow days this week. Gabe is cutting teeth and a little sick.