Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Higher Power

Me: (pointing to a picture) "Who is this?"
2 year old: "Jesus!"
Me: "Who is Jesus?"
2 year old: "He's my friend!"
Me: "What does Jesus do?"
2 year old: "He colors on the walls!!"
Me: (laughing) "Why does he do that?"
2 year old: (shaking her head) "He's naughty."


Nicholas said...

Out o fthe moths of babes!

It's interesting that most pictures of Jesus make him look European, almost Nordic, rather than semitic. He would have looked more like Yassir Arafat than Bard Pitt!

Steph said...

Heehee! I love teaching 2 year olds about Jesus.

Candygirlflies said...


Is this the way the 2 year old "justifies" behavior?? WWJD??!! (Why, draw on the walls, of course!!)

xo CGF

Sniz said...

LOL, candygirlflies! You're right, great justification for bad decisions! Hmmm...a sinless Jesus, yet he colors on walls. So that activity MUST not be sin!! Yay! How's school going, BTW, and how's your MIL?

Regina said...

Out of all the things Jesus did he may well go down in blogger history for writing on the walls!

mickey said...

I miss you and your two year old. [all of you for that matter.]

Pam said...

Oh I LOVE it! ha ha ha I will ba laughing about this one for a long time!