Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who Would Have Guessed?

Tonight was one of those nights. You know the one. Where you stand in your kitchen, look around and think, "What can I make for dinner...with what I have?"
These nights happen often around here. Ecspecially on days when Josh is working and I have zero time to think about dinner beforehand. So, it became quite the eclectic dinner tonight.
We had hotdogs and cheese wrapped in crescent rolls (yummy!), cottage cheese, cabbage and sliced banana. Crazy, I know.
BUT....the kids LOVED it! I even got "Mom, I LOVE this cottage cheese!" and "Can I please have some more cabbage?"
I know.


Pam said...

woah! who are those kids? Can I send mine over for dinner? She would LOVE the hot dog idea. I am not sure about the cabbage....I tend not to make that because I think it smells. But maybe she would eat it for someone else. You are one creative momma! Share those recipes once I get that darn recipe exchange up and running!

Andrea said...

Gotta love those 'fridge-scramble' meals!

kellyo75 said...

SOunds tasty! That is very creative. I can't believe they ate it happily.

mickey said...

it sounds like a feast for the masses. i love coming up with meals based on "what we have around" we do it quite frequently too, like last night we had green beans and toast. i'll have to tell you about it some time. :)