Sunday, November 25, 2007

What is Love?

~ Love is not for better or worse. ~
It is in the simple everyday things.
~ Love is not that first, surprising kiss. ~
It is the kiss on my forehead, when I am experiencing my first contractions.
~ Love is not in the words “You are beautiful.” ~
It is when I see those words in your eyes…while I give birth, without pain medication.
~ Love is not that first, exciting hug. ~
It is in the hug that you gave me, while seeing our baby be intubated.
~ Love is not a dozen roses. ~
It is knowing my favorite flower and planting them in the yard.
~ Love is not gazing into each other's eyes. ~
It is looking me in the eye and smiling, when we are cleaning up our child's throw-up at 3 AM.
~ Love is not in Hallmark cards. ~
It is in the note you scrawled on the bathroom mirror, before you went to work.
~ Love is not in holding hands. ~
It is in holding each other…as we watched your brother take his last breath.
~ Love is not in the words we say. ~
It is in the moments where we don’t have to say a thing.
~ Love is not in three little words. ~
It is in a lifetime of memories.


Regina said...

Hey Leeann,
I love your definitions of Love. Beautiful!

Blessings, Regina

Kellan said...

Yes, a lifetime of memories - beautiful. Take care. Kellan

Steph said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Thank you! You made me tear up. We (thankfully) didnt have to see them intubate our son... seeing him on the vent was hard enough. ((HUGS))

Pam said... always! You have a powerful way with words!

mickey said...

You are amazing, how can I possibly be your friend. Truly I am amazed at your writing talents, I love you so gently and kindly put life into words. I LOVE you, love is having a friend who is a true friend.

Mom said...

How beautiful and touching.

Andrea said...

that was incredible